Hennessey-McLaren MP4-12C HPE800

Updated December 29, 2014

Hennessey Performance Thinks Your 2013 McLaren MP4-12C is Kinda Lame

The McLaren F1 was an absolute godsend for gear heads around the world as it was a completely unique and futuristic supercar that was unorthodox and based on rocket science. Today the company has produced a little more affordable vehicle that can be a daily driver yet take you on the fantasy lap around the “Green Monster”. The problem is that asshole in the Ferrari 458 Italia is passing you and flipping you the bird. Well, you could simply just wait for his 458 Italia to inevitably burst into flames around the next bend or you can simply show off some aftermarket goodies. So in order to do that you need to visit the land of lifted trucks and 1911 packin locals, this of course is Texas.

McLaren MP4-12C HPE800 Specs

In the town of Sealy sits a shop that constantly receives newborn gear head babies in baskets left at the door step. The shop is Hennessey Performance and it doesn’t ever leave a stock car alone even if it’s a Toyota Trecel. A factory engine can always put out like a cheerleader but it takes a head on your shoulders in order to do it properly. Hennessey has developed the HPE800 MP4-12C which is able to produce, you guessed it… 800 hp or more as the company adds a few goodies the car. The engine receives some Turbo work such as upgraded ball-bearing Turbo(s) connected to a redesigned intake system and titanium exhaust system that allows more pixie dust to move about making anus clinching horsepower.

McLaren MP4-12C HPE800 Price

When it comes to aerodynamics, the McLaren HPE800 MP4-12C revamps the front and rear fascias with as well as hood in order to lower the drag coefficient. The wheels are also replaced with the same design found on the Venom GT. And you also get a transmission cooler and upgraded clutch system so you can reliably rag the shit out of this car. So be sure and rule the streets and only have to bow down to the Venom GT and GT1000. As for the price of the McLaren HPE800, it is too much for you.

HPE Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C



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