Hennessey’s HPE750 Camaro SS VS a 707 Horsepower Hellcat (Video)

Published May 20, 2016

The “H” in Hennessey will always stand for horsepower and this HPE750 Camaro SS upgrade package is a prime example. This Camaro goes up against a stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat that produces 707 horsepower and the results are amazing. This supercharged upgrade by the folks at Hennessey has established an impressive new top end speed for the Camaro SS breaking the 200 mile per hour threshold as well.


Hennessey started with the original Camaro SS LT1 motor and took it to a whole new level. They ungraded the cam and valves, installed CNC ported cylinder heads, and incorporated a modified exhaust system with performance headers and catalytic converters. A high flow intake manifold was accompanied by an ECU software upgrade in the tuning process. These modifications took the original horsepower of 455 to 605 horsepower. Stage two of this upgrade package was adding a TVS2300 supercharger set at 7 psi boost pressure to add almost another 150 horsepower bringing it to 751 horses.

The HPE750 Camaro SS is capable of a 3.1 second 0-60 mph acceleration, a quarter mile time in the 10’s and a top end speed of over 200 miles per hour. Rumor has it that Hennessey will limit these builds to approximately 100 total. Enjoy the video!




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