Hilarious Parking Payback Pranks are Exactly What These So Called Drivers Deserved

The Best Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Morons!

Updated November 4, 2018

How many times have you been pissed off by someone’s, shall we call it, lack of parking skills? I, personally, have been blocked from all possible directions although I’ve been properly parked. I’ve seen people parking on handicapped spots, and I’ve seen so called drivers parking in the middle of the right lane, just in front of the intersection. Heck, I’ve seen them taking not one, not two, but three parking spots.

Although that doesn’t piss me off like granny drivers, it’s still something that should be addressed. Here’s an idea. What about the new law. Something down the “I’m allowed to shoot you if you break into my home” lane, only not as radical. For instance, we should be allowed to smash any such poorly parked car without the fear of repercussions. I mean, they should reap what they sow, right? Until such regulations take place (if ever), we can only apply a practical prank or two. Here are some of the most hilarious payback pranks for crappy parking.

These Mean Car Pranks Are Totally Justified!

If you park like a two-year old probably would, don’t be mad if others decide to play the same game. Although I firmly believe two-year old would have done a better job at parking than this Toyota owner.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 1

I do hope the double-parking GMC owner was so fat that he needed to break some sweat while entering his car from the passenger’s side and jumping over its shifter. And I hope he had a cup of hot coffee in his bag, if you get my meaning.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 2

Well, this guy couldn’t exactly clear the parking space for others, but he also couldn’t avoid paying the ticket. It’s boot up time.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 3

I said I’ve seen people taking three parking spots, but this guy/gal takes the cake for taking four. Well, at least he/she got what he/she deserved.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 4

Saran wrap! Because you never know when it might come in handy. It sure did in this situation. If you’re thinking down this line, better find someone with access to industrial wrap because domestic ain’t gonna do the trick.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 5

Is it just me or this driver didn’t do anything remotely as bad as those from the above? He got punk’d anyway, and it’s hilarious so I simply couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 6

Kindergartners would have done a better parking job than this lot!

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 7

People driving the Smart think they’re so smart as well. Well, they better think again. Just because there’s enough space to park your overly downsized super mini doesn’t mean you should be parking it just about anywhere.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 8

Chalking and posting an embarrassing note on culprit’s windshield are pretty much the most common parking payback pranks you’ll ever see. This doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, though.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 9

Speaking of windshield notes! This one hits the spot on so many levels.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 10

If you can’t suppress the urge to block crappy parking driver out but lack the cavalry to do so, a little bit of creativity will show you the way.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 11

And there’s always that spray-painting prank you can pull. Be so kind to extend the parking spot line over their car for them. But don’t end up being caught on a camera, or worse yet by the car owner.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 12

Look, there’s one unoccupied parking spot just by the fire hydrant. Who would ever need a fire hydrant anyway? Well, the firefighters, of course, and they don’t fool around when their job is concerned. So the moral of this story would be: “Don’t park in front of a hydrant because this is what’ll happen if you do.” And you’ll also get the ticket as a bonus.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 13

Even these guys aren’t exempt from bad parking paybacks. And, why should they be?

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 14

Tin foil is quite similar to saran wrap, but at least it’ll keep the car cool during those hot summer afternoons. It’s a win win situation if you ask me.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 15

Here’s an example of a proper toilet paper use.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 16

This is my personal favorite although the guy who parked this car in the handicapped spot didn’t actually do anything wrong. After all, he is handicapped. Only in the brain.

Pranks To Do On Cars Parked By Idiots 17

We could have gone on like this for ages, but decided to stop here. Feel free to share your own pictures and thoughts in the comments. Let the laughing festivities commence!


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