Hillbilly Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa

Is This MotoCorsa Bike The Ultimate Apocalypse Busting Motorcycle?

Updated September 15, 2018

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 1

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 2

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 3

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 4

This Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa is “Sophia Loren meets Daisy Duke” and I would make sweet love to it.

This motorcycle gives me mental constipation as I try to classify the type of rider that would be so inclined to do this to a near $20k Ducati 1199. Funny, is that I’m the type of nut job that would do this: A – to piss off the d-bags (mainly Italians and Cross-fitters) that would feel this transformation was blasphemous in the eyes of the street bike gods and B – to open up more of the fast and cop-free dirt roads that plague my geographical location.

A selling point for such a bike to customers is that everyone would need this in a post apocalypse setting due to plenty of carcasses to ride over and the need to be able to track prey (You don’t hunt humans!) and run from marauders. The more I look at this bike, the more I see the look of a redneck winning the lottery. This, you would think would be such a niche market that only one would be made yet, I know that every man in the office thinks this bike is manlier than a third testicle and every woman thinks it is retarded. So there you go, at least a few meatheads and neckbeards would be forking out the dough for this if given a stupid amount of money.

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 5

To each and their own and kudos to MotoCorsa for delivering us an Italian Dirt & Deer killer with nearly 200bhp. The company placed the forks at their lowest thus raising the body in order to give every cm of ground clearance to this bike. A few small mods to the brakes and a set of Continental TKC80s would be part of the dirt-ready recipe. Since the 1199 has a electronically adjustable suspension means that the rider can give the bike a somewhat plush ride so that they have wrists and rear-ends left when they arrive at the Thunderdome.

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 6

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 7

MotoCorsa Bike - Panigale TerraCorsa 8


Say what you will about the MotoCorsa Ducati 1199 Terracorsa, but this is how you win the internet. Think outside the box.

See what the unmolested Ducati cousin looks like here.

Photography by – Taylor Ramsauer



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