The History of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A

A Brief Overview Of Lamborghini History

Updated September 3, 2018

The history of Lamborghini dates back to the early 1960s when it began life as a tractor manufacturer. The iconic manufacturer of supercars, Lamborghini today continues to build some of the worlds most powerful and performance driven vehicles on the planet. From a tractor company to dominant supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini has a history of going against common practices and establishment. Ferruccio Lamborghini was an aircraft mechanic during the Second World War and with the leftover military hardware from the war, Lamborghini will begin manufacturing tractors. Over the years his company would become the largest supplier for agricultural equipment to his home country of Italy. Lamborghini would diversify his company and begin to manufacture air-conditioning units as well as gas heaters to which these businesses would also become successful. As a now successful entrepreneur, Ferruccio Lamborghini would require several performance and luxury based vehicles.

The Early History Of Lamborghini

Famously he would purchase a Ferrari 250 GT and upon having the clutch braking would have the vehicle disassembled and find out that the same clutch installed in his tractors was being used in his Ferrari. Knowing that there was a better alternative clutch they could be used for performance-based vehicles, Lamborghini would confront Ferrari with his discovery only to be ridiculed by the company for not knowing what was best for his vehicle.

History Of Lamborghini 1

This would appear to be the push the Ferruccio Lamborghini needed to begin his automotive company. Ferruccio wanted a vehicle that was quieter on the roads and offered a performance-based yet smoother ride than the Ferraris. Lamborghini would contract the engines to be built by Società Autostar which was led by former Ferrari engineer that was in charge of producing the 3.0 L V12 for our use in its vehicles. In 1961 the first Lamborghini engine would roll off the assembly is a 3.5 L V12 that would produce 360 hp at an impressive 9800 RPM. In 1963 at the Turin Motor Show, Lamborghini would introduce the 350 GTV which would be completely designed and built for month’s time and due to a legal dispute with the engine manufacturer, the car was said to be shown without a motor installed and the hood release latch disconnected. Though the vehicle was not a running prototype still received a response from the attendees that would inspire confidence in Lamborghini’s endeavor.

History Of Lamborghini 2

By the time the prototype made it to production the vehicle would be redesigned in the engine would be eat-in produce only 280 hp and although not with the company expected still be well received by the general public. In 1964 the company would build 13 350 GT Lamborghinis. In 1965 the company would start production on the 400 GT which was essentially the 350 GT except for a larger displacement V12 that boosted horsepower up to 320. The Geneva Auto Show of 1966 Lamborghini will debut the 400 GT 2+2. Soon following would be the introduction of moral Lamborghini’s iconic vehicles known as the Miura. This would be Lamborghinis first transversely mounted mid-engine vehicle and would become the formula for many high-performance sports cars in the future.

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In 1968 Lamborghini would introduce the Espada 400 GT. The Espada would become one of the most successful cars for Lamborghini at that time and introduce the first automatic transmission will be able to handle the amount of work produced by the cars V12 engine. In 1973 the oil crisis would affect Lamborghini due to newer regulations on vehicles overall efficiency. This was right before the introduction of the iconic Lamborghini Countach. In 1974 the first Lamborghini Countach would be delivered with very little altered from the prototype that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971. The total production of the Lamborghini Countach would be 2042 being produced until 1990. Though the Countach was a success did not financially help keep Lamborghini from having to declare bankruptcy in 1978.

Modern Lamborghini History

Italian courts would take control of the company in 1980 and two Swiss brothers would be appointed ministers of the company would then begin work in on new engineering ideas for the company. The Swiss brothers would be successful in turning the company around and in 1987 Chrysler Corporation would purchase Lamborghini where the company would turn into a losing endeavor but remain under the company’s control until Chrysler would go into financial turmoil. On February 20th 1993 at the age of 76 Ferruccio Lamborghini would leave a long legacy of accomplishments with starting one of the greatest supercars manufacturers as one of them.  In 2007 Chrysler Group would sell Lamborghini for a $110 million to Volkswagen AG. Once again Lamborghini would change its outlook on engineering and direction. Volkswagen would also give the much needed financial support and engineering in order to start work on its upcoming models.

History Of Lamborghini 4

Today Lamborghini produces two models in various trims and special editions. The Aventador which is the company’s flagship model (other than the Sesto special edition) is of new design and features the company’s first new V12 design in several decades. The Gallardo is the Lamborghini that is designed for everyday functionality. The company produces around 1,500 units annually and employees nearly 1000 individuals. Lamborghini is a fully owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. and will be introducing several models in the near future.



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