The History of Tesla Motors Incorporated

Updated September 2, 2018

Tesla Motors Incorporated was founded in 2003 by five members with the chairman Elon Musk at the helm. The company is named after the great Nikola Tesla in order to honor him for his great achievements with electricity. The founding members of Tesla Motors envisioned a commercialized electric sports car that emitted zero emissions.

History Of Tesla 1The Tesla prototype was named the T-Zero it was created by AC Propulsion, the president at the time by the name of Tom Gage worked to merge those affiliated with AC Propulsion to join forces in order to stand a better chance of overall success. The first production Tesla vehicle was to utilize such materials as carbon fiber in order to make the vehicle lightweight, rigid, and strong. In 2006 the first just little roadster was introduced to the public where it would receive several accolades for its ingenuity. The beginning of 2008 production started on the Tesla roadster as it was deemed ready for the public. And in three years time Tesla itself over 2000 of its roadsters at a starting price of $109,000. The roadster chassis is based off of the Lotus Elise in which Tesla contracted deal with Lotus cars for 2500 chassis. And due to sales of the roadster the company is now sold or taken orders for each chassis. Tesla purposely started out with a higher-end type sports car as they knew that the vehicle would be sold in much smaller numbers due to its brand-new technology. Tesla wanted to start with a higher-end vehicle in order to perfect the technology before introducing it into more affordable vehicles.

History Of Tesla 2

Because Tesla was helping to pioneer lithium-ion battery technology they started to manufacture battery packs in collaboration with several other auto manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz and Tesla have worked together in order to produce a Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-cell. The contract for Mercedes-Benz was for Tesla to help produce electrical components for 500 trial vehicles. Tesla would also work with Daimler AG for their two-seater Smartcar EV in order to produce 1,000 units. But the biggest collaboration of auto manufacturers is with Toyota. Toyota is working with Tesla in order to introduce the companies small Rav-4 EV SUV.

History Of Tesla 3

In 2009 Tesla started work on its next model vehicle known as the Tesla Model S. This vehicle was to be a more affordable luxury sedan that would offer its owner all the amenities of a luxury vehicle yet emit zero emissions. Through a low-interest government loan and funding by investors with the chairman of Tesla, Elon Musk contributing over $70 million of his own money to the company, it was ready to start production on the Tesla Model S. The Tesla Model S seats five adults and two children for total of up to seven passengers. The company looks to start the price off at $57,400 and with a $7500 tax credit from the US government the purchaser would pay $49,900. The company looks to offer customers different sized battery packs with the base model allowing 160 miles per charge. The top-of-the-line model S will allow a 300 mile range per charge. With the Tesla Model S prototype the company was able to achieve the 0 to 60 mph time in 5.5 seconds making the vehicle accelerates faster than many sports cars. The company has already received 2000 reservations for the vehicle for it started production. The Tesla motor company is also working on a Model-X that will share the same components as the Model-S yet be produced as an all-wheel-drive SUV there will offer higher ground clearance.

History Of Tesla 4

Tesla is reaching out into the development of lithium-ion batteries as it is now in a joint development with the Panasonic energy company in order to produce over 300 million battery cells per year. The Panasonic energy company now supplies the highest energy density battery cells available on the market.

The Tesla Motor Incorporated has seen its share of hardships as it has dealt with several lawsuits such as the case brought up against Fisker Automotive as Tesla accused Fisker of substandard work on the Model S. Tesla also filed suit due to the fact that they proclaimed Fisker had unlawfully taken designs and technology from the vehicle in order to place it the Fisker Karma. The ruling was in the favor of Fisker leaving Tesla to pay $1.1 million to Fisker for legal fees. There is also the bad publicity the Tesla received from the British automotive review show Top Gear. The show stated that both tests vehicles used ran out of charge much faster than what Tesla had proclaimed. Tesla also had to issue recalls on over 600 of its roadsters due to a common design flaw that the Tesla chassis manufactured by Lotus would have. Lotus themselves would also have to issue recalls on their vehicles to utilize the same chassis. Today Tesla is continuing to work with other auto manufacturers as well as work to produce the Model S for sales in order to meet customer demand.



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