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Hit and Run Leaves BMW Trapped Under Semi-truck

Police Still on the Lookout for Vehicle in Question

Updated September 6, 2017

Bad drivers are nothing new – they’ve been around since the days of the horse and buggy. The difference nowadays is that reckless drivers can be caught on dash cam. Case in point: the driver of an Infiniti G37 caught in a hit and run last week on the California 10 freeway.

A dash cam revealed the arrogant G37 driver cutting across several lanes before clipping a BMW. The BMW was sent hurdling into the side of a semi-truck, where it became pinned underneath and dragged down the freeway for over a quarter mile.

The driver of the G37 sped off, without any regard for occupants of the BMW. Fortunately, Jose Riosa captured the whole scene on his dash camera, and being the Good Samaritan he is, also stopped to help the driver of the BMW after the crash.

As for the driver of BMW, she walked away with only minor injuries –  a testament to modern automotive engineering. The Bimmer, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. The roof was crushed and the front end demolished, leaving it a total loss.

So far, police have not been able to locate the driver of the G37, which they determined to be stolen. The BMW driver’s son, Alan Pacero, is hard at work on social media trying to locate the assailant so justice may finally be delivered.

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