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HJC Helmets - Poe Dameron 2

Join The Resistance: HJC Unveil The Star Wars Poe Dameron Helmet

Stick It To The First Order By Wearing An HJC Resistance Helmet!

HJC Helmets have continued their Star Wars theme by unveiling their model: a Poe Dameron inspired Resistance Fighter motorcycle helmet. This stylish, sci-fi themed open faced helmet is the latest in a long line of Star Wars helmets from the Korean helmet, and it might also be the best – if you’re into the new trilogy, at least. If you prefer the old ways of the force then you might feel more inclined to choose the good old Rebel Alliance X-Wing pilot helmet, or the more edgy Boba Fett design, but if you’re prepared to move with the times then you might feel more comfortable wearing this Resistance Fighter helmet that’s styled by hot-shot pilot Poe Dameron’s lid instead.

The Poe Dameron Helmet – By HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets - Poe Dameron 2

The only thing better than the Star Wars movies is the Star Wars merchandise, and while many of us are too old to buy plastic light sabers or stock up on the themed Lego, we can probably get away with a Star Wars themed helmet without being told to grow up or suffer too many disapproving stares from our family members. After all: safety first, right? But unlike a lot of crap merchandise out there, these Star Wars motorcycle helmets from HJC are protective helmet first and Star Wars merch second. And the Poe Dameron helmet is no exception.

HJC Helmets - Poe Dameron 3

Earlier on this year, HJC released a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot helmet and like that one, this Poe Dameron helmet is built around the same base: the HJC IS-5. The helmet boasts a polycarbonate composite shell, comes with HJC’s SuperCool branded moisture wicking interior liners, features an awesome orange-tinted drop down visor, and comes with full DOT approval. The exterior mimics the style of Poe Dameron’s helmet, being distressed in all the right places and wearing the Resistance emblem in pride of place.

HJC Helmets - Poe Dameron 1

If you want to grab yourself the HJC IS-5 Poe, then you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with the very attractive price tag of $199.99, and will come in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Christmas is just around the corner and this could make a perfect gift for any motorcycle riding Star Wars fanatic – but more importantly, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is nearly ready for release, so you’ll want to ride to the movies in style, won’t you?


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