HJC’s Latest Themed Lid: The Star Wars “Rebel Pilot” Helmet!

The Star Wars Rebel Helmet From HJC

Updated August 16, 2018

HJC are still churning out themed helmets but FINALLY, they’ve done the one that we want. While we were impressed with their Marvel themed helmets, and their first batch of Star Wars styled lids were pretty good, the helmet manufacturer has finally given us the only Star Wars helmet that we need: a faithful reproduction of a Rebel Alliance helmet for a real X-Wing pilot! The Kylo Ren themed one was a bit too “new school” for us; the Boba Fett one was good, but both pale into insignificance compared to this bad boy.

HJC Rebel Pilot Helmet 1

On our Facebook page, one commentor made a valid point about our last critique of HJCs new marketing approach. I was a bit negative about the whole idea of using fandom as a way to tempt people into wearing helmets, and that I’d rather see them focus their efforts on developing new and improved helmet models rather than slapping a comic book livery on them and calling it a new product. The commentor called me out, and fair enough: as long as people are being tempted into wearing helmets at all, it should be worth celebrating. And that’s very true.

The HJC Star Wars Rebel Helmet!

Anyway, this beauty has been dubbed the “HJC Rebel Pilot,” so arm your proton torpedoes and switch off your targeting computer, and let the force guide you to your nearest HJC distributor – because this is the ultimate motorcycle helmet for a true Star Wars fan. Having said that, don’t rush to the shops right away: as you can see in the picture, this sample helmet still wears the “Final Design Pending” sticker at the bottom… But definitely pay attention to HJC’s social media, because as soon as these are released, they’re going to sell out seriously quickly.

HJC Rebel Pilot Helmet 2

Boasting a Rebel Alliance livery and a cool orange visor, any rider who wears this can legitimately say that they once “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs,” or that any new set of corners could be “just like Beggars Canyon back home!” And that’s all the Star Wars quotes we can shamelessly shoe-horn into this article.



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