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Hold on to your hats, Hong Qi roll out an SUV.

Published December 11, 2007

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Hong Qi are the state manufacturers of limosuines, and up market sedans for use by state officials, foreign dignitories, and of course the new bourgeoisie class of Chinese that can afford the Hong Qi cars. Hong Qi basically used existing motors, and put their own badges and branding on them. Theyve so far used the Audi 100 (which they still make) and more recently, the Toyota Crown.

But now it seems, Hong Qi are ready to part with their pre fab motors and start making their own, so theyve rolled out some SUV and roadster designs.

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The SUV:

This SUV kind of reminds us of the Escalade, and the Navigator. Are Hong Qi pushing for the high end of the SUV segment? It seems that way.

The roadsters:


Some websites say these roadsters are photoshops, others say they are the real deal. We have no idea, but they do look cool.




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