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Holden Produces Its Last Car In Australia After 69 Years Of Operations

Holden Closes Factory Only Weeks After Toyota Does The Same

Published November 9, 2017

Holden produced its last car in Australia a week or so ago. The second oldest transportation company in the world is easily one of the most recognizable Australian symbols. Yet, after 7.6 million cars produced, Holden ceased its production operations in Australia. More interestingly, this was the second company to close its production facility down under. Just two weeks before Holden closed its doors, Toyota ended its production run as well. While it all seems a bit sad (and odd), the pictures from the company seem to portray a different message.

Holden Last Car Close Up

Holden organized a nice private event for its employees and members of the press. There, they celebrated the 69 years of manufacturing and assemblage in Australia. Judging on some of these photo-ops, they had a proper good time doing so.

Holden Closes Its Australian Production Line

“Treating our people with dignity and respect was always our number one priority during this transition and we’re all proud we were able to achieve that, we see it as recognition of their dedicated service over the years,” said Mark Bernhard, Holden Chairman and Managing Director. “With 85 percent of all workers to date successfully transitioning, we’ve worked closely with our people to support them.”

1,000 Workers Will Join the Rest of Holden’s Workforce

Despite ceasing production, Holden will not be laying off all of its workers. At least 1,000 people will work at their Melbourne headquarters on various design and engineering projects. Holden cars will still be available in Australia, they’ll just be imported instead of being produced there.

Holden Ute

According to Holden press release, these people will join 6,000 other employees which (among others) work on a 200-strong national dealer network. Quite a large system, isn’t it?

Holden Final Car After Hours

As for official information, Holden provided some really precise details. Its factory has been in operation since 29 November 1948 when the first Holden 48-215 rolled of the line. The last sign of life in the Elizabeth factory was on 20 October 2017 when the final VFII Commodore Redline rolled off the line.

Holden 48-215

Holden 48-215

It’s not all over for Holden, however; not by a long shot. Holden revealed a massive plan to introduce 24 all-new vehicles, 36 drivetrain configurations, and a whole SUV line-up. V8 sports car? Sure! Commodore? You bet! Gearheads Down Under can expect to see showrooms teeming with all the new cars populating the Holden lineup by 2020.

Holden Final Car Wide Angle


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