Holy Donuts! 9 of the Wildest Cop Cars on the Streets Right Now

Updated May 18, 2018

American police cars are like American money. Functional but dull. Here’s a collection of unusual, odd, and outright weird cop cars from across the planet. We decided to skip any cars from Dubai on this list as everyone has already seen them.

Some of the police vehicles are on this list because of their performance, others for some unique method of construction. In either case, they beat the pants off the generic hardware our police force here in the US have to drive around in.


Japanese police cruisers are often the top-of-the-line Toyota Crown

Holden HSV GTS – NSW Australia

The Chevy SS, built in Australia by GM’s Holden division, is limited to a 415 hp V8. In Australia, the same car is sold as a Holden HSV GTS, but with a higher performing engine that produces 575 hp. Which they sell to the police. Which sort of limits your ability to escape from them, if that’s what you determine in the moment to be the best solution to your current problem. My question is: what does “There is no excuse” refer to? Domestic violence? Speeding? Eating at an Outback Steakhouse?


Chevrolet Cruze – St. Petersburg, Russia
OK, a Chevy Cruze police car, no big deal. Maybe a little on the small side, so what makes this unusual? Well, it’s part of a fleet of Chevy Cruze police cars used by the City of St. Petersburg in Russia. Our old enemies our now buying Chevys, who would have guessed. Unfortunately GM had to close it Russian plant just this past Spring as the Russian economy (along with car sales) slide downward.


Lotus Evora S – Romanian Police
How did the Romanian police get so lucky? They were awarded the loan of a Lotus Evora S for use as a police interceptor for a period of two years. With 345 hp on tap and a top speed of 178 mph means it can drive across Romania as in as little as three hours (including a stop for a Gogoși, a delicious Romanian donut).
Romanian Police two year loan Evora


Custom Armored Jeeps – Mumbai, India Police

If you’re a hunter and the game you hunt have suddenly develops the ability to fire back, you want want to consider picking up a surplus armored Jeep at the Mumbai Police auction. Just check out the windshield to get a sense for how thick the bulletproof glass is. There are gun ports in the doors and a cool hatch at the top. Take that, Bambi!


Porsche 911 – Dutch Police

In the 1970s Dutch Police purchased five specially-equipped police cars for highway traffic enforcement. Some of the modifications included a storage case with firearms, ammunition, handcuffs, flares, and other needed supplies replacing the back seat, the cool Bosch blue light on the top of the windshield frame, and the array of sirens under the bumpers. The Dutch Police ordered the cars in Targa configuration so the officer would stand on the seat (in relative safety) and direct traffic.

Nissan Skyline – Japanese Police

We know the police in Japan have their hands full with the Hashiriya, so they need cars as fast as those driven by the boy-racers. So where is the logic in addition some type of screen across the hood and a giant light bar on the roof of this Nissan Skyline, each alone must cut top speed pretty significantly. Maybe too that’s why they seem to have such a hard time catching the young speeders.


Chinese One Man car

Say hello to the Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle, which debuted at the Security China show in Beijing. It’s apparently designed for use by riot police, with the idea that they’ll get an unobstructed 360-degree view from the armored bubble cockpit. Personally, I don’t think it would last 5 minutes on Devil’s Night in Detroit.

Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle



In the English Avon and Somerset Constabulary, speeding motorcycles have become a bit of a nuisance. To help fight the situation, the coppers have brought in a custom Ariel Atom 3.5R – which they have affectionately nicknamed the PL1. Boasting a supercharged 350bhp Honda engine, Hella pursuit lights and striking law-enforcement livery, it can go from 0-60mph at a time of 2.5 seconds. Unfortunately its for demos and education only, so don’t expect to see one whizzing past if you’re driving in the area.

Atom PL 4H somerset




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