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Patents Filed: The Honda Bulldog Emerges

It Looks Like The Honda Bulldog Production Rumor Was True!

Updated August 11, 2018

Remember when we first saw this? And then again when we heard a rumor it was going into production? Well, Honda have just patented some new crash bars around the engine and the fuel tank integrated storage units that originally featured on the Bulldog concept – and generally speaking, that could be a good indication that the Honda Bulldog, utility-inspired motorcycle might be coming our way in the near future. I mean, yeah, it could just be a new set of crash bars and a few cunningly hidden boxes, but judging by the sketch and how it’s almost identical to the Bulldog concept, maybe the weird machine is coming soon?

Honda Bulldog Production News 1

When we first saw the concept back ages ago, I wasn’t exactly enamored with it. Then we heard from a Honda dealership that the production wheels would soon be in motion, and at that time I still couldn’t give this concept any love. But now that it’s on the brink of becoming a reality, I kinda like it. It’s not going to win prizes at the beauty pageant, it’s not going score sensational lap times but somewhere, and for someone, this machine has a purpose – I’m sure of it.

Honda Bulldog Production News 2

Based on the CB400F (the Japanese market version of the CB500F), and treated with some utilitarian storage compartments, knobbly rubbers and a comfortable ride position, there’s definitely a gap in the market for the Bulldog. We’ve seen Caterham’s Brutus, and that was pretty wild but probably far too costly for the rough and ready farmer – and too impractical for the adventure segment. This is where Honda could bridge the gap. The mechanical side of things are already in production, from the engine to the lights, so if Honda fancied having a go with the Bulldog, it wouldn’t be a costly gamble if it flopped.

No Honda Bulldog Production Date…Yet

Honda Bulldog Production News 3 Honda Bulldog Production News 4

And don’t forget that every now and then Honda throws us a real curve ball, so maybe, just maybe, this is going to be their next one. Give it DCT, but keep it simple, and get started with the Honda Bulldog production already!


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