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Honda CB4 Interceptor 1

Sex On Wheels: The Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept (Gallery)

The Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept Is As Mad As It Is Brilliant

If you were impressed by Honda’s Neo Sports Café and subsequent CB1000R model, then what do you make of their latest concept, the CB4 Interceptor? Hot off the press from Milan’s EICMA show, we have another fantastic offering from Honda. We don’t know what Honda’s current design team are on, but we hope they stay on it, because this thing is just awesome. We can only hope that this CB4 Interceptor concept follows the same trend as the New Sports Café model and quickly makes its way into proper production. It needs to be made.

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More Amazing Concepts From Honda: The Honda CB4 Interceptor

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Since this is only a concept from Honda Motor Europe, there aren’t many details available. We don’t know the performance specifications but to be honest, we don’t really care. What we have here is an evolution of the Neo Sports Café style, powered by one of Honda’s four cylinder affairs. We’d chalk this one us as a 650, but we’re prepared to be wrong. Since we’ve got this small and sharp endurance style café racer aesthetic going on, we think Honda would be looking for a middleweight engine to keep things realistic. But it’s a concept though, so it’s not a big deal either way.

Honda CB4 Interceptor 1 Honda CB4 Interceptor 12

One thing we do know is that the headlight arrangement up front holds a strange surprise. As you can see, in the middle of the ring shaped LED lamp, there’s…a fan? Yep, it’s a fan. According to Honda, that fan is actually used to power the touch screen instrumentation. It’s weird, but we like it.

Honda CB4 Interceptor 2 Honda CB4 Interceptor 5

What next from Honda, I wonder? I don’t think we can handle any more surprises from this usually predictable and tame brand…

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