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Honda Celebrates 30 Years of Service in the U.S

Updated September 29, 2013

You may see some festive decorations at the facility of your local Honda dealer as the global car manufacturer celebrates its thirtieth year in the United States. The Motor Press Guild recently held its July meeting in a Los Angeles restaurant with Honda of America Mfg. Senior Vice President Rick Schostek as its speaker.

Honda Invests in Its Strongest Manufacturing Asset

The event, hosted by the biggest automotive association on the continent, couldn’t have come at a better time for Honda. As Schostek explained, the automotive giant will significantly boost investments in its U.S. division. Honda’s history in this country dates back to November 1st, 1982, when the first American-made Honda Accord rolled down the assembly line. The Asian car maker has never looked backward, and continues to produce reliable, high-quality automobiles here.

According to Rick Schostek, Honda’s U.S. site is now the company’s largest manufacturing base worldwide. Eight-five percent of the Honda vehicles sold in the United States were made domestically. This is especially significant because Honda was the first asian auto manufacturer to build a production facility here, and the U.S. sales statistic represents the largest percentage among all global car manufacturers.

Honda Innovation and Environmental Efforts

Honda recently rolled out its 100-percent electric version of its subcompact vehicle “Fit” in Southern California. The 2013 Fit EV boasts an astounding 118 MPGe, and is being touted as the most accessible all-electric vehicle on the market. The Fit EV will just be available on the West Coast at first, and only by lease. It is expected to be sold on the East Coast by the early part of 2013.

The car manufacturer’s hope is that its Fit EV will help to bring all-electric vehicles further into the mainstream. The rest of the country will have to wait for the compact, eco-friendly car to become available through a local Honda dealer. This is only one of many moves by Honda to strengthen their environmental efforts as a company.

Honda’s Rich American History

According to the speech by Rick Schostek at the recent 30th anniversary celebration hosted by the Motor Press Guild, Honda will further strengthen its U.S. ties by increasing investment in its American production facilities. The car maker’s fearless, innovative approach has been rewarded by strong sales in the U.S. Honda’s attempts to remain consistently relevant in the global market and create technologically advanced yet reliable vehicles promise to keep the company in the forefront for years to come.

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