Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 1

Honda Reveal Supercharged V-Twin Patents!

Honda Have Plans For A Supercharged V-Twin Motorcycle!

Published October 17, 2017

Honda are throwing their hat into the forced induction ring – detailed patent diagrams show that the Japanese firm are developing a supercharged v-twin motorcycle engine with direct injection. It’s all systems go in the supercharged department at the moment. Kawasaki are poised to unveil a third supercharged model in the next couple of weeks, Suzuki’s turbocharged Hayabusa is on the horizon, and we’ve been left asking ourselves: “who’s next?” and the answer is Honda.

The Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent Diagrams

Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 1

What we have here are two separate patent documents that display different parts of the same project. These patent applications have just been published by the US Patent & Trademark Office, and they show some interesting details. The first part of the patent application refers to the supercharger and its positioning, while the second part explains how the supercharged engine would fit and mount into a motorcycle chassis. While big companies like Honda patent pretty much anything, this looks more than your average “just in case” kind of patent application – it shows a serious amount of detail, and it also highlights the feasibility of mass production in some of the design elements. In brief, this supercharged v-twin idea is quite far along, and not just a flight of design fancy.

Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 3 Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 4

Take note of the part labeled “63” in the plans – that’s the supercharger. As you can see, it’s being put in between the two cylinder heads of the 90-degree v-twin engine. The supercharger is also complimented with the part labeled “116” (a rectangular block that sits next to the forward facing cylinder) which transmits power from the crankshaft to the compressor via a series of gears. Interestingly, Honda have also drawn up some patents that talk about a direct fuel injection system that would spray fuel straight into the cylinder, along with secondary injectors for the intake pipe.

And The Rest Of The Bike?

Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 8 Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 7

There’s not a lot to write home about concerning the overall bike design. Before we go into too much depth, it’s worth noting that the bodywork could simply be “place filler” details. The focus of the patents was on the supercharged v-twin engine – the rest is just set dressing. However, it could be the finished article. In that case, we’d be looking at a sporty looking tank, a trellis frame, and a stepped seat. It looks more sport-oriented commuter than pure-bred sports machine – note the easy going rear sets, raised bars, and distinct lack of fairing. In our opinion, the bodywork is irrelevant. Honda are supercharging something, so it might as well be a proper sports model – the v-twin is a bit of a wildcard though.

Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 6 Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 9

It’s surprising that Honda would go through the effort of sticking a blower on a v-twin rather than using their already existing, and already successful, CB500 or CBR500R parallel-twin engine. But do you think supercharging a mid-sized twin is worth the effort, in parallel or v-twin form? We’re not sure what to make of it all, but we can’t wait to see if Honda roll out a prototype at either the Tokyo Motor Show or at Milan’s EICMA later on this year. We will have to wait and see…

Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 2 Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 5


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