Honda to use imported parts to continue production

Published June 1, 2010

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Hondas workers at its Chinese plants recently went on strike demanding that their pay rise from 1,500RMB per month to 2,500rmb per month, as a result this has severely affected Hondas production in China and has led to Honda relying on imported auto parts.

Hondas workers still remain on strike, Honda are relying on parts imported from Japan and Thailand to get through a backlog of 2000 cars that are awaiting parts. The best selling Honda CRV is the model that is most affected, with around 4000 models awaiting parts to be completed.

Its not sure how long the strikes will go on at Hondas Chinese facilities, but it will be sure to affect the production, and repair of Hondas cars in the Chinese market place which might place enough of an effect to knock the shine of Hondas appeal in the Chinese market.




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