Honda Unveil Their Self-Balancing Motorcycle Prototype! (Video)

This Honda self-balancing motorcycle could be the norm in the future!

Updated August 17, 2018

We’re all familiar with the concept of a self-balancing motorcycle, but this awesome video from Honda really shows you what the technology is capable of. Honda recently debuted their new “Ride Assist” technology at Las Vegas’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and it’s pretty impressive. Thanks to the power of gyroscopes, Honda’s Ride Assist equipped motorcycle is almost scary in the way it behaves…

The Honda Self-Balancing Motorcycle Prototype In Action!

Honda Prototye Motorcycle 1

In the video below, you can see exactly what Honda has planned for the future. The self-balancing motorcycle relies on a series of gyroscopes and a set of clever front forks. To keep the motorcycle upright at a standstill, the forks separately control the front wheel, keeping the bike steady… It’s a little strange but it seems like technology like this may become the norm in the future.

Honda Prototye Motorcycle 2

The most interesting part of the video, however, is the strange section where a Honda technician decides to have the motorcycle follow her like a timid dog through the set. I’m not sure how practical this feature would be on a day to day basis, but it’s a great example of how far the technology has come. So far, there has been no word on whether this will make its way down to production bikes, but we’re confident that it will one day. But if it does, will we like it?

Honda Prototye Motorcycle 3

There’s something quite disconcerting about the front fork and steering business, and then of course you’ve got to ask yourself whether this sort of technology is a step forward or a step back. Sure, greater confidence on the road is a good thing…but if it means that more motorcyclists will be on the road with no understanding of what they’re doing, it could spell disaster… Perhaps not from an automotive standpoint, but for the human race as a species! If you can’t keep your bike upright at the lights, something is seriously wrong.

With Kawasaki’s AI program catapulting us into the realm of sci-fi, or BMW’s bold ideas for the next one hundred years, is the advent of new technology taking the fun and the thrill away from motorcycling, or is it enhancing it? Time will tell. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer less riding aids and more rider education…rather than the other way around.


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