Honda’s CB1100 TR Concept: Simply Stunning! (Gallery)

Updated August 15, 2018

Honda have surprised us again with another CB1100 concept. This time, it draws inspiration from the flat track scene. It’s called the CB1100 TR, and we hope this bad boy goes into production. Honda have already treated us with two new CB1100 models (and an Africa Twin Enduro Sports concept too), and we can’t wait to see this model go on sale. It’s only in the concept stage at the moment, but my god, it’s a concept we’re drooling over.




This particular offering is actually from Honda Motor Europe, since the flat tracker inspired look and heritage has laid down some strong roots in the European riding scene. Name a European GP rider, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they made their name in the flat track arena before graduating to other classes. Even with the flat track influence, you can definitely feel a bit of retro naked superbike thrown into the cocktail for good measure.

While the basis of this bike is still very much the new style of CB1100 that was recently debuted at INTERMOT, there’s a lot of extra features on this that really set it apart from the crowd. The suspension system is powered by Ohlins units, the exhaust comes from Termignoni, braking detail is handled by Brembo, the rims are aluminum forged Marchsini units – and there are a few other key ingredients splattered across the concept from Domina too.

And then there’s the ultimate finishing touch: the #58 racing number that plays tribute to the late and great Marco Simoncelli – one of MotoGP’s most promising talents. The number board is a great honor to the late Honda satellite rider.

Take a look at the photo gallery, and keep your fingers crossed – because we really want to see this awesome concept go into production. There’s not a single thing wrong with it. We did like the Yamaha Abarth XSR900 café racer…but we like this a whole lot more.


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