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Horror on the Highway

Updated March 27, 2014

A couple of years ago I experienced an awful incident on the motorway that has haunted me ever since.  My husband and I were off for a romantic weekend away, travelling down the M5 on a dismal day.  As we were about to exit a junction a large lorry passed us spraying many stones and debris onto our car. We heard a massive crashing sound and found ourselves covered in broken glass while travelling at high speed.  For a few seconds I had no idea what was happening, I thought we had been involved in a huge crash and sheer panic spread through me like wildfire.

A Tiny Crack Caused the Massive Shattering of Our Windscreen

It turned out that the windscreen had shattered because of a small crack on the windshield that was positioned low down on the right hand side of the screen. I remember seeing it before and not thinking anything of it.  The crack was minimal and I simply was not aware of the dangers. After the smashed glass incident, my husband informed me that the crack had grown larger in recent weeks and that it was the obvious cause of the incident on the motorway. All it took was one of the stones driven up off the road by the passing lorry to shatter the whole of the window that had been weakened by the damage.

We managed to escape without serious injury but the whole experience was highly traumatic. My husband was able to remain in control and luckily no other cars were involved. I am amazed he managed to keep us on the road and get us to safety while covered in broken glass and dealing with the shock. If I had been behind the wheel I am sure the whole incident would have been so much worse.

Since the incident I have become an extremely nervous driver and passenger. Motorways are pretty much a no go area even though I know the risks are on all roads.  I have also become obsessed with checking the condition of the car each and every time I head out.  I am so worried about another accident occurring that it has caused me to become very anxious.

Essential Checks for Your Car

If you’re heading out on a trip in your car I recommend carrying out all of these checks before getting behind the wheel:

  • Start with the windshield. If there is even the smallest crack or slight bit of damage get it seen to before you go anywhere.
  • Check your tires, air pressure and your spare tire. Bald tires can blow out which is extremely dangerous so use a tread gauge and don’t take risks. If the tire is bald get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • Check all of the fluids in the car including oil, brake fluid and coolant.
  • Test the windscreen wipers and the lights to ensure they are functioning properly.

I like to wash the car before heading out on road trips as it gives me the chance to give the whole body of the car the once over.  It is also useful for spotting damage on the windscreen and visibility is improved thanks to the removal of the dust and dirt.

Don’t Let Money Worries Put You in Danger on the Roads

When dealing with cars it can be easy to put off even the smallest of jobs especially when money is tight. The trouble is some of the problems that start off small can get worse over time, leading to accidents injuring you and others around you.  While you may not be pleased about having a crack filled in on your windscreen, or replacing tires, it has to be a much better option than the alternative. I was so angry when I found out we could have avoided the whole windscreen smashing incident simply by asking someone to repair the damage for a few pounds. What was more annoying was the fact that we were covered for that type of work on our car insurance.

I will never forget the terror that we experienced that day, or the nightmare that followed as we waited to get help on the side of the motorway.  Simple checks and small repair jobs can avoid all sorts of major issues, so do not avoid them, make a few calls and get them sorted before disaster strikes.

Windscreen replacement is easy, affordable and essential. As soon as you notice the damage to your screen get it sorted to avoid your own horror on the roads.



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