How Can A Car Cover Protect Your Car From The Weather?

Updated January 31, 2017

The purpose and effectiveness of a car cover is something that has often been disputed, however, the truth is, car covers not only protect your car from the elements and potential thefts but they also preserve the beauty of your favourite investment.

The environment, specifically the weather, plays a huge part in the condition of your car. Leaving your car exposed to the wrath of birds, sap, rain and even the sun is a dangerous game as exposure to any of these can result in damaged paint work, dents and even moisture build up.

Trees pose a great danger to your car’s paint work; in the summer nothing seems better than finding the shaded parkin space under a tree however, when you return and your car is covered in sap, not only is it hard to remove it can also cause a permanent colour change to spots on your paint work.

Trees also mean birds and birds mean nuts, berries and droppings. Birds droppings can erode the paint work and the nuts that they drop can cause small chips which makes it easy for moisture to get inside and completely destroy the outside of your car.

The sun can cause the colour of your car to fade and worse still, they don’t fade evenly so it’s extremely noticeable. The inside of your car isn’t safe in the sun either, as it dries out leather, deteriorates plastic and rubber and cooks other components such as CDs. It doesn’t do the upholstery much good either and causes it to fade.

Rain isn’t doing your paintwork any good either. Being left out in the rain from time to time won’t do any serious amount of damage but once it’s been left out the corrosion process has begun. Although over the life time of your car leaving it in the rain is unlikely to cause any real damage if you have any small chips to the paint wok then moisture is a huge danger. Once moisture gets under the paint work it causes the paint to come away from the metal and the metal to rust spelling the end to your favourite investment.

Fortunately nowadays car covers are much more than just a cover. They have been developed in order to protect your car from the smallest and the biggest dangers. Car covers are designed to take the hits of nature and prevent them from reaching your car.


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