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How Gaming Changes a Racers Life

Updated September 29, 2013

Gaming is something that a lot of boys and girls do on an everyday basis. Most parents would say that gaming is not a good thing and that they do not want their children to grow up being a delinquent that only plays games and never goes to college or gets a job. Well a lot of parents do not really know what really goes on inside some of the more modern games that have been developed over the years and what exactly these games can teach you.

Teaching you that getting your license is important

A game like Gran Turismo lets you first go through a series of license test before you can actually start driving in a certain league. This is pretty much the same in real life where you have to have a license to actually drive anywhere. Even though the driving styles shown in the game are not how you would drive on a normal road but for a future race car driver it is pretty close to the kind of license test you would go through.

Teaching you the ins and outs of motors

Games like Forza Motorsport and Need for Speed has a lot of options for car modifications. Forza is exceptional in explaining what exactly a certain cars motor is comprised of and has stats of cars that are almost spot on to the real life thing. This kind of games has personally taught me (an absolute motor noob) almost everything I know about cars. From the chassis to the manifolds I have learnt most of it through playing games. These games let you change all factors of your car like gear ratio and dampening levels. This is very technical things that most people don’t even know exists on a car.

How to handle racing on tough tracks

While some games are open world based like Need For Speed, other games like Forza and Gran Turismo have incorporated life like racing into their games. They have used real tracks from around the world and made it almost 100% like the real thing just in virtual reality. For a racer I am sure that racing on these games is another way to familiarize yourself with a track before you actually go out and race on it. You will know when you need to be on your brakes and when you can put your foot down for a open road. They have even added some features like rain and your car will handle accordingly to what the weather is in the game.

So there you have it, racing games is not all just about driving around recklessly and knocking everything out of your way while doing this. There is actually a lot to be learnt in these games and most people would only believe this once they have tried it out themselves. Till then it is best not to judge anybody when they tell you that they are going to spend the night playing games instead of going out with friends. I am sure even Michael Schumacher started out playing lots of racing games before he became a superstar racer.

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