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How Many Crossovers Does It Take To Rule The World?

Lawrence GermanThere once was a time when the letters S.U.V. Actually stood for something true, and honest. It meant that what ever you were buying that had those letters included in the title, was going to be a rough, and tumble go anywhere, do anything type of vehicle. Nowadays those letters mean as much to me, as the price of a bowl of rice, and a cup of tea in China. In other words nothing.

So the Sports Utility Vehicle, or SUV as it used to be known as has been steadily taken apart by designers all over the world. What used to be the ultimate go between a truck, and a car is now this fancy little prance about car that looks more sexy than rugged. If you hadn’t noticed this will be filled a lot of opinion, and sprinkled with some facts here, and there. You’ve been warned.

Now, for about 10 years or so SUV’s were being pushed in a direction2012 Ford Edge Recall, Ford Edge Recall, EcoBoost Recall that led them to becoming something a lot less than what they were originally meant for. If you really think about it, one of the only companies that makes a capable off road SUV is Jeep, and funny enough, that company is owned by a Frenchmen who doesn’t think that trucks and SUV’s have any real use in HIS world. Ford’s Explorer is no longer set up to go off road. Maybe some loose gravel, or hard packed sand, but other than that, those street radials won’t do jack for you anywhere else. Toyota’s 4 Runner is one of the ugliest things on the road right now. It looks like an impressionist’s version of a Storm Trooper with bad gas pains. GM, and even my beloved Nissan Pathfinder has been neutered so that it can now swing with the new, and improved demographic of drivers. And where does that leads us to today you ask? It has brought us to a point where the majority of drivers think the vehicle to drive now is the Crossover.

Gearheads.orgThe CUV, or Crossover Utility Vehicle is what passes for an SUV nowadays. They are smaller, lighter, more nimble, more fuel efficient, and have been produced by dozens of auto makers in various shapes, sizes, passenger configurations, power ranges, and price tags according to whomever built it. The CUV craze has caught on so hard that companies that would never have even contemplated anything bigger than a two door coupe are now jumping on the bandwagon.

For example, Jaguar, makers of the F-Sport has released some officially legit looking photos of a soon to be Crossover called the CX-17 Sports Crossover Concept. My personal opinion is that Jaguar wanted some of that BMW X5 & X6 money. I mean why not make a Gearheads.orgluxury Crossover to compete with the likes of BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz? What harm will another car looking, non-off-roading, big wheeled, high powered street cruiser do to the egos of those who can’t afford it? Who else has been on board with the whole CUV train. Ford, GM, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, just to name a few common names. Now Lamborghini has brought forth their CUV called the Urus. I have no clue what it means, nor do I feel like looking it up. Sorry. It’s a tall looking, Aventador with higher ground clearance, but my question would be for what? I mean who is going to buy a vehicle for say over $250,000 dollars, and then risk knocking off some Carbon Fiber bits when you feel like getting your Ken Block on. Hell, another example of the ridiculousness is how for a long winded, automotive brief moment in time Bentley considered producing a $400,000 Crossover for those who like to spend house money on cars.

Gearheads.orgHere’s what, the CUV is the vehicle that has officially taken over the world, and Old School people like me just have to live with it. Mind you, if you’re anything like me, and love the weekend romp through the trails, and simply admire the sunset from the hood of your SUV, or truck. Then you are the person who lets the wife drive the Crossover while you maintain that mid to late 90’s Jeep, or Pathfinder, or even that narrow bodied Toyota 4 Runner. It’s these simple pleasures in life that can only be had when you find the places you love, in a vehicle that can get you there, and back with no issues. And it ain’t gonna happen in a Crossover Damn it.   


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