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How Many Kids Can You Fit In A Renault Clio? 19 Maybe.

Published October 16, 2012

So, in recent news from across the globe, we come find a weird story that has some small ties to the vehicular nation of avid drivers who like to read all about different stories, other than next top concept.

2010 Renault Clio

Is this what passes for a School bus in Pretoria nowadays?

Let me begin by saying this. In America teachers are a special group of people that we as adults, and parents trust with our children, young, and old. So when the time comes for a trip, or some type of outdoor social gathering, we know that our kids are in good hands, yes? Well, apparently in Pretoria South Africa, those ideals, and basic set of rules were completely ignored by one teacher. Keep in mind, her intentions were good.




A teacher by the name of Melanie Minnie of the Reitfontein Nursery School, Melanie Minnie & Her 19 Kidsthat is currently located in Pretoria South Africa decided to take it upon her self to undertake the job of transporter last Wednesday. Now, as a teacher her sole responsibility is to keep her children safe, but this time around Melanie chose to be more than just a teacher. There was a celebratory luncheon that her children needed to attend, so Melanie decided to haul 31 children, (ages 4-6) in her five door Renault Clio. For those of you who live Stateside, a Clio is the equivalent to a Honda Fit. Yeah it’s that tiny. So Melanie packed her kids into her Renault Clio, and then headed on her way. The first trip went without a hitch. Thank God! The second trip is where people started to notice how a never ending flow of children seemed to keep falling out of the sub-compact Clio. This is when the police were contacted, and when they arrived on the scene, they found that Melanie had just finished packing up her kids to head back to school. The unnamed officer stated that there were 3 children in the front seat, 11 in the back, 6 in the boot/trunk. Obviously this was unacceptable, and to make matters worse she was leaving the remaining children at the restaurant’s play area while she made her way back to the school.

Melanie Minnie  We all know that, if this were to take place in America, this woman would have been banned from teaching for life, and hit with law suits from every parent of a child who was stuffed into her Silver Renault Clio turkey. In Pretoria, Melanie was fined a mere $170, and sent on her way, while the children were shuttled back to school in a proper manner. All I can say is, where was her head when she first thought, 31 kids + 1 Clio= a good time perhaps, with a side of back pain, and ruptured spleen.



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