How To Evaluate the Quality of an Auto Repair Shop

Updated August 12, 2014

Some people say that the trades are dying out and that everyone is attending college these days. In fact, around 33 percent of adults actually have a bachelor’s degree, according to U.S. News’ article entitled, “20 Surprising Higher Education Facts” by Lynn O’Shaughnessy. Many people are still interested in repairing cars and the like. With so many auto repair shops out there, how can you choose the best one for you?

Check out the Facilities
Many auto repair shops are attached to a gas station. Pull in one day to get gas, and see what the employees are doing. Do they all appear to be working, or is everyone hanging around outside while five different cars are sitting and waiting to be worked on it? Some people are turned off when they see an employee who appears dirty. Please be considerate here though. These men are working with cars all day; it’s very likely they’re going to have dirt on their fingernails and oil on their uniforms.

Gather Reviews
One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of such a shop is to ask family members and friends for reviews. Find out who they have used and how happy they were with the service of the professionals. Additionally, you’ll want to know for how long they have been using this particular shop. If they had only one good experience there, that experience might not be indicative of the entire body of work the shop has performed. Of course, you can also take to the web to find out different peoples’ opinions of and experiences with the shop.

Consider Cost
It’s unlikely that you want to pay the top prices to receive services on your car. However, sometimes, prices at a particular establishment are high for a reason. They might be especially good at what they do, or the workers might have some special certificates. If the place has the best reviews around and you are comfortable with them doing the work, consider shelling out the extra money. It will be worth it in the end when your car doesn’t break down again the minute you drive away from the shop.

Constant Evaluation
Just because a shop served you well a few times in the past does not mean they will always be of high quality. Workers can change, and the situations at a shop can alter. Always be aware of what is going on with your car. If you are unhappy with a service that is received, let the staff know right away. By doing so, you’ll be showing that you are unwilling to put up with a job that is less than perfect. In the future, you may need to seek out a different shop if the one you are currently attending starts to decrease in the quality of work.

Using an auto repair shop without doing any research is not really a smart idea, especially if you do not know much about cars and could easily be cheated out of money.

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