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How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

Updated October 6, 2013

To prolong the life of your car, there are a few maintenance and care tips you need to follow.

Patience in the Break-In Period

Now that you have finally purchased your dream car, you might want to prolong its life for as long as possible in maximum condition. As you pull it out of the lot of the dealer’s remember that the break-in period is during the first one thousand miles. Keeping you speed under eighty-eighty kilometers per hour or fifty-five miles per hour is the manufacturer’s recommendation. For long periods, do not keep your car idle. This is especially true during the period for breaking-in. Doing this may result in the oil pressure not oiling every engine part. Using online medium to light acceleration and keeping the rpms of the engine under three thousand for the first few driving hours is also essential.

Keeping a Log

In the glove compartment, keep a pen and pad to use for recording mileage and gas filling-ups. In the event you notice that your gas mileage seems to be getting worse, mention this to your service center. This might be a sign that warns you early that something is not right with your car.

Care in Daily Driving

Being considerate with your car should not cease after the period for breaking in. Daily care when driving will result in a longer lasting car you seldom need to repair. In the start-up do not race the engine of your car. This will quickly add wear and tear to your engine especially with cold weather which will result in a car with a shorter lifespan. Contrary to popular belief, letting your car sit idly in the driveway to warm the engine is a bad idea. Engines don’t operate at its peak temperatures which results in incomplete combustion of fuel, damaged components, oil contamination and soot deposit on cylinder walls. Your car’s life will also be extended when you drive carefully. Observe speed limits posted. Avoid turns, stops and starts. Avoid objects on the road like potholes and also hitting your tires against the curb as you park.

Purchase Reputable Gas

Inquiring whether the gas station has their pump filters changed regularly or not will determine your car’s lifespan. Find another gas station if the one you first ask does not give a straight answer. Fuel and alcohol may not be mixed properly or water down their products. Find reliable gasoline stations will help prolong the life of your car.

Be Gentle When You Are Stuck

When stuck in the snow and mud, avoid worsening the problem by causing damage to a component that is expensive. In an attempt to free the car, you can rock it gently. On the other hand, if it looks like your car is truly stuck, don’t throw your car from reverse to forward repeatedly or spin the tires at maximum speeds, as this spells trouble for the differentials, clutches, transmission and generates a lot of heat. In the long run, this could be cheaper to call tow trucks instead of risking the big repair bill in the long run. Having an aid for traction in the trunk like cat litter, gravel and sand is also a good idea.

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