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Fighting Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, A Look Back by a Gearhead In N.Y..

Published November 6, 2012

Obama & ChristieHello Everyone, and Thanks for taking the time to call upon us over here at to someway help out with informing you about everything automotive. In today’s segment, I’m going to touch upon Hurricane Sandy for a moment, and reveal a simple truth behind the storm.

Now, being a Native New Yorker I can full on understand the level of devastation,NYC Plaza Underwater and chaos that Hurricane Sandy dumped on us last week, and now many of my friends, and former co-workers, are left to clean up, and try to regain some semblance of what actually took place. Extremely strong winds, driving rain, and massive flooding has done everything within it’s own to power to try to cripple this great city. Hurricane Sandy literally tore apart lower Manhattan, destroyed major parts of Brooklyn, and simply devastated the majority of South New Jersey. With all of that said, what do we have left? Our personal possessions, have either been sullied by dirt, and salty water, or simple lost all together, but in all reality there’s something that we came out with that’s way more valuable. Our lives.

Our simple, and dedicated will to live is what separates us from those who would rather roll over, and Floods in Queensdie. We as Americans, we as New Yorkers trust, and believe in the notion that, when we get knocked down, we steadily get back up, and get ready for the next blow. For a city that was targeted by terrorism numerous times, a storm of this magnitude, did deal us an extremely harsh blow, but we survived. Battered, and bruised, torn, and splintered, we survived. With all things that have transpired, there was one person who summarized it best, and this person is nobody famous, just a man who had/has a job to do. An MTA worker who was surveying the damage caused by flooding waters, said this. “This was a great storm, and damage has been done, but like what we always do in New York, we roll with it, and keep on going.”

Those were simple words from a man who has probably seen his fair share of storms, flooding, snow NYC Taxis Underwaterin’s, and ice overs. His simple ideology of just “Roll with it” is something that we could all think about. Not everyone is as optimistic as he is, but it couldn’t hurt if we were. All I’m saying is, that after a storm the likes of Hurricane Sandy, any of us who were lucky enough to have an even stronger roof over our heads which allowed us to wake up the next morning, and hug the ones we love the most, Just rolling with it, doesn’t sound to bad.

For the most part, a lot of people’s cars were damaged, or totally lost (aka Written off) during Hurricane Sandy, and that type of lose is a very big blow to the mind, the ego, and the pocket. I can’t apologize enough for those of you who had to lose a vehicular baby. I just hope that it can be replaced or fixed at a reasonable price, so that you, or your family can once again enjoy the sun when the next time it shines brightly on all of us who stood up to Hurricane Sandy, and are now Just Rolling With It.

Thanks For Reading Everyone. God Bless & Good Night.


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