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Hyundai Has Busy October Recalling Nearly 500k Cars And SUVs

Automaker Re-Recalls Nearly 500K Sonatas For 2nd Look

October was a busy month for Hyundai on the recall front. During the month, the South Korean automaker recalled more than half-a-million Sonatas, Santa Fes and Santa Fe Sports. The Sonata recall is very interesting because the 443,545 Sonatas and Sonata Hybrids have already been called back once before for the very same problem.

Hyundai Sonata Problem Not Properly Addressed

The problem, which was apparently not adequately addressed, is with the front seatbelts. The front seatbelt linkages can detach from anchor pretensioners. The issue is that if the front belts aren’t correctly attached, then they will fail at their mission of keeping people safe in a crash.

Hyundai recalled some Sonatas for the second time to check the work.

The affected vehicles, 2011-14 Sonatas, and 2011-15 Sonata Hybrids had were recalled earlier this year for the same problem. In the earlier recall, Hyundai called back nearly 1 million Sonatas, the latest recall covers half that number.

Dealers have been instructed to re-verify the connection points for the front seatbelts and to install a warning label which should take care of the problem.

In two other small recalls, Hyundai recalled 600 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport models. In the first recall, Hyundai recalled nearly 200 2018 Santa Fe Sport SUVs due to poorly made front coil springs. The improperly manufactured coil springs can fracture and blow out the front tires causing loss of control. In this situation, a vehicle can crash.

Fortunately, the 2018 vehicles were, at the time of the announcement, still on dealer lots so that dealers can quickly replace the front coil springs. Since they were unsold, consumers were shielded from problems, as well. For more information, contact Hyundai customer service at 855-371-9460 and ask about recall 167. Or you may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  at 888-327-4236. The recall number is 17V577000.

Among Hyundai’s October recalls is the Santa Fe crossover.

Hyundai Improperly Manufactured Components

In the second Santa Fe recall, Hyundai called back 400 of the crossovers due to crankshaft problems. Equipped with 3.3-liter engines, the Santa Fes have improperly manufactured crankshaft pins.  The crank pins cause undue bearing wear which can lead to crankshaft failure. In turn, the crankshaft failure can cause stalling which can cause a crash. Dealers will inspect the crankshaft and replace the pins in the affected vehicles. For more information, contact Hyundai’s customer service department and inquire about recall 168. Or, you can contact NHTSA and ask about recall 15V578000. You can also visit the agency’s website at for more information.





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