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I.D. Buzz Concept Makes VW Friendlier And Brings New Ideas On Autonomous Drive

If VW wants to get in our graces and become a friendly company as it once was with the Beetle and the T1, the I.D. Buzz concept looks like a step in the right direction. I.D. Buzz concept serves as the fourth concept that reimagines the original T1 bus from the time of hallucinogens, love, and music. 2001 saw the Microbus Concept, 2011 gave us the Bulli, with 2016 charging us with the Budd-e. Now, the Buzz (see the connection with the word bus!?) takes us a step further.

It’s electric, autonomous, quick and supremely roomy inside. It even has a foot frunk at the front as the original Beetle or the T1. Neat detail. Sure, the exterior design does bring back some of the shapes from the past, but it is, really, only a vague representation of the T1. And that’s fine. VW has to imagine something new and with the LED headlights, massive 22-inch Galvano Gray Metallic wheels and illuminated VW badge, they did it right. The car seems friendly, “future-ish” and definitely not production ready. This is the sad part. No chance on earth will VW ever produce it like this.

A positive business case for the car like this on its own probably does not exist. However, thanks to new Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) underpinning many of the VW upcoming EVs, the Germans could find it possible to produce something like the I.D. Buzz. They’ve already confirmed Budd-e production. The Buzz is just a continuation. It would share everything with all other EVs including the drivetrain, equipment and the tech. In that case, even slow selling wouldn’t stop it from reaching the market.

VW envisioned the I.D. Buzz with two electric motors charging a healthy 369hp. Linked with a front and rear axle, the engines source the power from an 111 kWh battery pack for a 270-mile range. The MEB tech would allow VW to get rid of the front engine and sell it as a rwd thus cutting the price. In that case, 268hp powerful Buzz would run with an 83 kWh battery. It would presumably have a tinier range too. Not to mention cramped performance. Talking about the performance, the thing can hit 60 mph in 5 seconds on its path to a 99 mph of top speed.

Autonomous Bus Of The Future

The Germans imagined the I.D. Buzz as an autonomous vehicle. Rigged with four laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, side view cameras, and a front camera, the bus could drive itself. This explains the interior actually. See, the front passenger seat can swivel by 180 degrees ultimately facing the rear seats. In an autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel retracts leaving more room inside. This is a throwback to group travel everyone who ever owned an original T1 experienced. It’s cool, relaxed and we could see ourselves driving in an autonomous car like this. Volkswagen also loaded the Buzz with all kind of technologies. These includeAR-enabled heads-up display, removable tablet, an external speaker with Bluetooth connectivity and other. And yes, the seats can transform into some kind of bed making the thing perfect for longer stays on the roads.

As for the size – 194.6 inches in length, 77.8 inches in width and 77.3 inches in height with a wheelbase of 129.9 inches. Something like a European T6.


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