IED Syrma Concept Car Projects the Future With Past McLaren Roots

The IED Syrma Car Concept Fuses McLaren Engineering With Italian Design

Updated October 1, 2018

The shiny black finish and the luscious curves scream future, but this IED Syrma Concept Car has roots going back to some previous McLaren models and definitely shows an Italian-design influence.

IED Syrma Car

This was truly an International undertaking with students from China, India, Poland, Taiwan, Israel, Mexico, and Iran involved in its design. Xingwu Li is the brainchild of the concept with help from Marshin Bhatt, Gaurav Anand Jagtap, Sunny Gurmukh Ramrakhiana, Rahul Surendra Sadwelkar, Jacek Chrzanowski, Cho-ta Lu, Dror Peleg, Aldo Hernandze Schurmann, and Reza Shahia contributed. They are all students at the Transportation Design School at Istituto Europea di Design (IED).

IED Syrma Car 2

Project coordinators included Luca Borgogno, lead designer at Pininfarina, and Fulvio Fantolino from F&F Design Studio. Collaborators were Luca Dazzan and Alberto Filosi; and professors at the Instituto Europeo di Design, Rustom Mazda and Adriano Piovano.

There are some similarities to the McLaren P1 in the IED Syrma Concept Car even though another futuristic looking hybrid concept honoring the P1 also exists. There are also nods to the McLaren F1 and other McLaren road cars.

IED Syrma Car 3

Physical measurements of the IED Syrma Concept Car are 4,730mm length – 1,980mm width – 1,155mm height – 2,790mm pitch.

A 4.0-liter V6 twin turbocharged engine and a 4-liter heat engine and single electric motor power the vehicle, which has a horsepower rating of 900. That equates it to the McLaren P1, although that car is actually run by a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8. The electric motor and the rear-wheel drive can propel the car in any city, thus contributing to lowering CO2 pollutants.

IED Syrma Car 4

On the outside, the curves, a dorsal fin, the high-mounted exhaust, the teardrop windscreen and the translucent appearance of the cockpit give it a futuristic aura.

IED Syrma Car 5

The interior has a dramatic innovative layout with the three seats in the front configured in a staggered pattern.

Driving in electric mode, the car is noiseless and includes a front laser projection of messages and images on the road as a visual presence.

The vehicle was showcased at the Quattroruote booth at the Swiss Motor Show.

IED Syrma Car 6


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