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InDeflate Tire Inflator, Deflator, and Equalizer [Review]

A Quick and Easy Tire Inflation and Deflation Alternative When Changing Tire Pressures in Your Adventure Rig

InDeflate review

Inflating, deflating, and equalizing tires during off-road adventures can be tedious. Hoses tangle up. Knees can hurt by continually checking PSIs. We tested a product that simplifies and speeds the process, the InDeflate.

InDeflate being used

What is InDeflate?

InDeflate, a South African company, created a unique system that inflates, deflates, and equalizes two tires at one time. No pulling valve cores, unplugging hoses to constantly check pressures. No more kneeling on hard-packed dirt or uneven ground for several minutes to monitor your PSI.

Additionally, it monitors pressures until you reach your desired tire pressure. InDeflate offers up a unique dump valve system as well. This allows it to pressurize two tires at once, at the same PSI, all while you stand to check pressures on the easy-to-read PSI gauage.

InDeflate being pulled out of carry case


What Does the InDeflate Include?

  • The InDeflate unit with adjoining hoses
  • A hook to hang it from the roof rack, bumper, etc…
  • A quick coupler air chuck
  • Canvas bag, outfitted with zipper closure, handles, and InDeflate logo

InDeflate connected to valve stem

How Do You Deflate?

1. Take valve stem covers off.

2. Affix InDeflate chucks onto two valve stems (working one side to the other side of your vehicle works best).

3. Hold the center of the PSI gauge. Slide the center bottom cylindrical dump valve once (it’s located below the logo). Now you’re deflating your tires.

4. Monitor the PSI gauge by sliding the valve in the opposing direction. This gives you actual PSI readings. Slide it again if you desire more deflation.

5. Remove chucks once the correct PSI is reached. Re-screw valve stem caps on.

How Do You Inflate?

1. Repeat 1 and 2 from above.

2. Slide dump valve in the other direction.

3. Connect an air compressor to the valve at bottom of the gauge.

4. Turn the air on.

5. Keep checking PSI by sliding the dump valve back and forth.

6. Turn off the air compressor once you reach the proper PSI. Remove chucks and re-screw valve stem caps.

InDeflate review airing up two tiresInDeflate Review

InDeflate equalizes tire pressures as it works. Checking pressures the old-fashioned way with an old-school gauge confirmed it. Furthermore, the brand also claims you can inflate tires from your spare in case of emergency (thankfully we haven’t needed to do this yet).

InDeflate rapidly deflated and inflated our 33×10.50 BF Goodrich KO2 tires. I affixed the hoses to the valve stems. Next, I held the unit and monitored PSIs while standing. Finally, I removed the hoses once the proper PSI was reached. InDeflate was easy to use and simple.

InDeflate is made from high-quality materials. It seems solid when used. With two 10-foot hoses, made of abrasion and ozone-resistant materials, it resists pressures of up to 300 PSI and temps of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hoses are affixed to an aluminum-encased center-mounted 100 PSI instrument gauge. This gauge has a 700 KPA/100 PSI combination display measuring in increments of two PSI or 50 KPA. The gauge is made with a military spec hard anodizing process. They are durable and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, InDeflate offers up solid brass air chucks.

Since using the InDeflate, I haven’t noticed any scratches or markings even though I’ve tested it in mucky remote areas. The quality seems premium and should be a go-to product when changing tire PSIs. The product is efficient and easy to figure out.

(Photos by Mercedes Lilienthal)

Mercedes Lilienthal
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