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Indian Military 1

How Many People Can You Fit On A Royal Enfield? “A Lot” Says Indian Military

The Indian Military Sets The New World Record For Most Amount Of People On A Motorcycle

It seems like the Indian Military has plenty of time on its hands, since it has just broken its own record and set a brand new world record for the most people riding a single motorcycle. Back in 2010, the Indian Army Service Corps (ASC) made it into the record books after managing to squeeze a total of 56 men on a single bike. But 56 wasn’t good enough for them apparently, because they’ve only gone and set a new world record, haven’t they?

Indian Military 1

Breaking records seem to be the primary function of the ASC outfit. The team was first formed over thirty five years ago by Colonel C.N Rao and Captain J.P Verma – and in those thirty five years the team has managed to break twenty records. For their latest challenge, the team dressed up in Indian flag themed jumpsuits, packed up their trusty 500cc Royal Enfield, and made their way to the Yelahanka Air Force Station in Southern India’s Bengalaru…

The Indian Military Set A New World Record!

The team’s experience paid off on the day, because they managed to get a staggering 58 (fifty-freakin’- eight) people on the bike and rode it for 1.2 kilometers. Major Bunny Sharma explained how they achieved this feat: “There are three riders who take charge. First is the rider himself, who’s controlling the mechanical parts of the bike such as gears and brakes and everything — the handle. Second is the balancer, who stays on the top and he ensures that all the people mounting the motorcycle while it’s on the run are mounting at the same time because even a misbalance of a single kilogram would result in a catastrophe. And the third one is the navigator, who is immediately assisting the rider in where he is going.” It’s pretty incredible when you think about it – but it’s even more fantastic when you watch it. Check out the video below:

It’s not exactly “two girls, one cup” but “fifty eight Indians, one motorcycle” is infinitely more browser friendly. Anyway, it just makes you wonder what practical application this has in the field, and even more importantly, it makes you wonder exactly what the Indian army does with the rest of its time…what with this and the numerous motorcycle acrobatic displays that they’re always up to, it seems like they haven’t got much time left in their schedule for any actual army-ing. And yes, army-ing is definitely a real word.


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