Infiniti QX30 Concept Is A Camouflaged Mercedes GLA You’ll Like More Than The Original

Published March 9, 2015

Who would ever thought that Mercedes Benz and Infiniti will have so much in common. Only five years ago, no one in right mind ever thought that two of these could ever form some sort of an alliance, but Group Renault Nissan, who controls the Infiniti, rose enough to be considered the right partner for the Daimler. Daimler, with the Dr Z (Dieter Zetsche) at the top and Renault Nissan, with Carlos Ghosn controlling it, made an agreement by which they’ll share a lot of technology between each other. That is how, some Mercedes cars in Europe got the engines associated with low cost brand Dacia, but that is also how, Infiniti got the technology to create a QX30 which is a small compact premium crossover that certainly looks and feels powerful and graceful enough to be a real Infiniti.


It is easy to figure out that this concept, shown at the Geneva Motor Show is based upon Mercedes GLA. Created using the so called MFA platform, the Infiniti QX30 received much of its tech from the Germans therefore distancing itself from the Infiniti vehicles of yesterday which weren’t associated with the Daimler at all. To distance the car as much as possible from the Mercedes Infiniti really worked hard to produce and to start with the all new design philosophy whose traces we could saw on that Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge sedan concept project who ended up ingloriously. Yes, it was good looking car, Seb Vettel has driven it, but it somehow didn’t catch the imagination of the young boys and no one wanted it as a wall poster, which is a shame really. Nevertheless, the QX30 Concept we see here has some lines picked up from that old performance car, but if we really want to trace back the origins of this car we simply have to tie it up (not 50 Shades Of Gray tie up thing) with the Infiniti Q30 Concept. It is a small hatchback, based on the Mercedes A-class platform which happens to be built using the MFA platform.


There it is all you have to know to figure out that the Infiniti Q30 hatchback Concept and Infiniti QX30 Concept are the same things as the Mercedes A-class and Mercedes GLA class which aren’t concepts. Honestly, all of this seems so unfair to the customers as anyone of them is getting tricked in a way of speaking. Really, it will come time when Infiniti and Mercedes will sell basically the same cars but with different looks. The looks is really almost the only thing that have left to Infiniti to work on and we are glad to point out that they did a hell of a job of it (look what they did before). With all that creases, unconventionally shaped grille and interestingly finished up rear glass, the Infiniti QX30 looks even better than the original (in this case its Mercedes GLA). We really hope that they’ll put it into production just in the shape it came to the Geneva Motor Show.


As it is already reported that the production of both cars (Infiniti Q30 and QX30) will commence in Sunderland In England than its safe to assume that this you see here is probably the thing you will be able to buy at your local dealer store.

This particular QX30 Concept is powered  by a two liter turbocharged petrol engine which is, of course sourced from the Daimler. We expect that production version gets a few more Daimler sourced petrol engines and possibly, a few more Renault Nissan sourced small diesel engines. All bells and whistles such as advanced infotainment, sci-fi style safety equipment and smart suspension things will be available, but even more importantly than that, it seems that beautifully crafted interior showcased in the QX30 will remain the same (with some slight modifications of course).


All in all, the Infiniti QX30 received so much from Benz, but it retained its conception with the Japanese brand thanks to a wonderful exterior look which should launch it to the minds of premium car buyers where the Infiniti QX30 surely belongs.



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