Insane 65 Fastback…Can you spot the subtle changes on this 700HP Pony?

Published March 26, 2015

The 1965 Ford Mustang is already an iconic pony car that helped shape a society, but this custom built fastback Mustang makes it infamous!

Bodie Stroud is a custom car builder that knows how to polish an old chunk of coal into a diamond and that’s just what he did for owner George Russo and his son Adam. BS Industries, Inc. is a Los Angeles based custom auto shop that turns out some award-winning customs and hot-rods that gain national attention. Bodie Stroud (CEO) and his team offer their clients a full in-house build that allows for a level of attention and creativity that few shops can accomplish.


The GT700 badges on the lower side panels should give a hint that this is not your typical Mustang with a few “bolt ons”. It’s almost a Shelby-type tribute car but with some aces up its sleeve that even Carroll Shelby himself could respect. Even though the car is an over-the-top build, it keeps almost an original stance by using 17” Vintage Wheel Works wheels. The trained eye will notice that the only real body modification on the original 65 fastback is the GT-50 style hood. Now the true reason for that mod was to tuck the Edlebrock E-Force 700 horsepower engine under there. The supercharged Ford Coyote powerhouse gives this little pony the heart of a thoroughbred ready to charge out of the gate.


The original 1965 Mustang was available with an optional Hi-Po (or K-Code as it is known) 289 cubic inch V8 capable of 271 horsepower.   However, this car named “GT700S” is packing a whopping 700 horsepower and 600 ft. lbs. of torque. The owner wanted to keep the car looking like the classic it is with a few Shelby touches. The front bumper is a Shelby replica and the rear bumper has a tucked and narrowed treatment. Another subtle touch was the matte chrome finish on the rear bumper.


A tremec six-speed manual transmission, three-inch aluminum driveshaft, and a Currie nine-inch rear end was chosen to propel this ride down the road. The 700 horsepower engine expels its gases through a set of Ford Racing headers that were tweaked and sent into a custom MagnaFlow exhaust system and lets you know this car means business. The side exhaust pipes will wake you up but not loud enough to disturb the neighborhood. Bodie said the car put down a little more than 540 horsepower at the rear wheels and has the in-house built suspension to make it handle with the best of the track cars.


What makes the paint special on this car? The 1936 Ford pick-up truck color, Washington Blue was mixed a touch darker to give this sleek pony a perfect contrast to the white stripes. The one piece louvered side windows look so good they appear stock.


Not to be outdone by the exterior, the inside has a couple of pony tricks as well including a customized set of 2006 Mustang seats.  The customized look was achieved by doing a 60’s style vintage pleat in gray upholstery that makes them unique and offered the perfect match to the blue/white of the exterior.


The 2 year build was long but the reward is a fresh take on an iconic classic that will cause you to wonder why the original was not built this way. It’s the type ride that as you walk up to it at a cruise-in or car show, you think it may be just a clean stock build, then the subtle mods begin to catch your attention and it grabs you with the precision and laser sharp modifications. Bodie and his team were proud of the finished results on this custom Mustang. George and his son Adam were amazed with this gorgeous old school pony car because Bodie took their ideas and morphed them into a wicked 1965 Fastback Mustang that is sure to please even the Chevy guys!



Calvin Escobar
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