America’s Newest Supercar? Inspecting the Upcoming ER W70

Published December 13, 2016

Can you name an American supercar maker? If so, you might mention Saleen and the amazing S7 or even Hennessey, the Texas tuner who built the record shattering Venom GT. Maybe you are a little savvier and have seen the episode of How It’s Made: Dreamcars where they followed the build of a Falcon Motorsports F7. While all of these aforementioned builders and cars are impressive, there is one newcomer to the game hoping their name will soon be on the top of everyone’s list of American made supercars. That company is Exotic Rides, and their introduction to the world of supercars is the W70.

The Exotic Rides shop based in Orlando, Florida may not be well known to the supercar world, but they have been customizing cars for over two decades. Their website states they have done everything “from small toys to large trucks” in efforts to make their “customers vehicular fantasies come to life”. So they can customize a vehicle, but that is a far cry from a full blown production supercar. As such, Gearheads previously covered the initial glimpse of the W70 here and here several years ago. Needless to say, we were all rightfully skeptical as the car was supposed to be launched in 2015.

While our skeptism has been legitimate over the last year, we must now all eat our words. Not only has concept #1 been built, but order banks have been opened and vehicles 2-4 of 70 are already spoken for and in pre-production. I must say the design is stunning, if not eerily familiar. That’s because the designer, David Williams, took inspiration from concept images of the Ferrari LaFerarri. Regardless of similarities, it’s a gorgeous looking body with a sharp nose, large intakes and lines aimed toward airflow and streamlining.

So production is set and it’s got looks, but it also has ample America power to back up its supercar claim. The W70 is driven by a mid-mounted LS7 mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox pumping out 626 horsepower. Of course, for additional power (and $40,000) the buyer can opt for a twin-turbo version which is expected to produce around 1,200 horses. Needless to say, it may look Like a LaFerrari, but that sound is all American as heard in their video below.

Yes. I spit fire.

2017 ERw70, This is America's Newest Supercar. Limited to Only 70 Individuals, Powered by a Mid Engine LS7 Producing 626 HP with 6 Speed Manual.There will only be 70 produced, Reserve yours Today!.

Posted by ER W70 on Thursday, November 24, 2016

With all that power in a car weighing just under 2800 pounds, it needs some beefy brakes. Doing the trick are 14-inch cross-drilled rotors paired with 8-piston front and 6-piston rear calipers. In order to keep the American LS7 cooled, Exotic Rides is offering three radiator configurations with an auto air bleed system. Last, but certainly not least, the suspension is a fully adjustable I-Lift intelligent system. This system was designed to automatically raise and lower the car based on speed and various other parameters so it should be right at home on a supercar.

The low weight is thanks to the fiberglass body which flows back to the adjustable carbon fiber wing. On the inside, Leather and suede fill the cabin as well as a swath of aluminum and carbon fiber accents. The gauges are all digital to stay with the supercar theme and there is even a three-point harness to keep the passengers well contained while driving at speed. Of course, being a modern car means it needs some modern amenities so a touch screen system with navigation and entertainment is present as well.

Exotic Rides’ W70 will start at $250,000 and as previously mentioned, the twin-turbo upgrade will be an additional 40k. Honestly, for a low volume, high powered, unique American ride; that doesn’t seem too bad. Unfortunately, with it being so new, acceleration and top speeds are currently unavailable. I have been told though the W70 will be tested soon at Sebring International Raceway so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the higher volume competition. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long for more times and specs as the full release is set for spring or summer of next year.


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