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Insurance For A Dodge Hellcat, Done.

How Much Does Dodge Hellcat Insurance Cost?!

Updated October 7, 2018

Every now and again we like to share a customer driven story to help us get the point across that everyone needs car insurance, and getting several quotes online and comparing them will save anyone a ton of time & money. So, we came across these two guys Ben and Joey who apparently work at the same law firm, and what comes next will seem like the average talk between two guys, but just pay a little attention to see where the point lies.

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Our scenario starts with an email blast that came from an online automotive website that Ben had been following for a quite some time now, and the good news he’d been waiting for finally arrived. He just got word that the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat would be available sooner than what the auto blogs suggested. After receiving the email, and then confirming things with a local dealership, Ben storms out of his office, and goes on a quick hunt for his longtime friend Joey who has been working with him at the firm for at least 6 years now. He catches up with Joey in the break room as he’s just about to raise his double shot of espresso to his mouth. “Dude!”, is all that Joey hears. Then Ben quickly remembers where he is, and starts using his inside voice.

Hey, remember that Dodge Challenger Hellcat I told you about, a few months ago? Well, I just confirmed that there’s one coming to a dealership about 15 miles from here in about two weeks. Joey not knowing why this was really important, took another sip, and then asked, “Dodge Hellcat?” Frustrated Joey shoves the Dodge’s breakdown sheet into Joey’s hand. “Joey read that real quick, I’ll be right back.” In Joey’s hand was the rundown of what this car was all about. As he skimmed the sheet his eyes began to widen. 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat…..707HP….685lb feet of torque….two key fobs….paddle shifters…..Valet Mode…..leather everywhere…..premium sound system….20 inch wheels…limited production. “Damn, this sounds like a beast on wheels”, is what fell out of Joey’s mouth. At that moment Ben came back and sat the table and asked him what did he think of the car. The only thing that came out of Joey’s mouth was a subtle question, “How are you gonna insure this car Ben?”

Dodge Hellcat Insurance 2

The smile grew a little shorter on Ben’s face, but it was a point of fact that had to be dealt with. Apparently Ben was good and ready to go on ahead and drop half of his newly acquired bonus on the Dodge, and be happier than a pig in slop, but he literally had to pump his own brakes before he threw himself into a different type of problem. Joey then wrote down a website name on a sticky note, and handed it over to Ben on the Dodge break down sheet.

Dodge Hellcat Insurance 3 is all that it said. Ben had to look at it, and then gaze up at Joey, and said, “Really that’s it?” Joey replied, “Yep.” While looking at the website, Joey began speaking again. “Look Ben, this is a big investment you’re getting into, and these guys cover cars like this one with no problems.” He continued, “I know your driving record is good, because you keep your cars safe, and you don’t drive dumb. So that simply means that you would be a prime candidate for these guys.” “I found insurance for my Rover through them, and my rates are pretty damn good for that type of vehicle. You should look into them, and see what you come up with. What’s it gonna hurt?”

Dodge Hellcat Insurance 4

From that point the conversation ended, as the two of them shook hands, and went back to their respective offices. So, as you can clearly see, auto insurance is something that car guys, car lovers, or just everyday people find ways to talk about. If any one of you great readers out there need insurance, or know someone who may be in the need of auto insurance, well the website is nothing more than a click away. Thanks for joining us today. Be safe out there.


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