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Is An Intensive Driving Course Right For You?

Updated September 28, 2013

When learning to drive there are different ways to take your driving lessons. The more traditional method is to have an hour or 2 a week and for some this is the best method. As the world is fast and furious nowadays you may find yourself taking a week out of work or college to learn to drive. If you are short on time you may want to consider an intensive driving course or as it is sometimes ironically named driving crash course.


An intensive driving course is normally arranged with 5 to 6 hours of lessons per day. This is not solid driving and has small breaks approximately every 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on what you are currently learning and how you are getting on with it. Whether you are learning by the hour or on an intensive driving crash course you should follow a program which leads you from one subject to another such as “T Junctions leading to Crossroads”. The reason the program needs to be well thought out is that a lot of driving instructors will use a technique called transfer of learning. Transfer of learning is when a subject has many similarities and so when taught together the 2nd subject is easier to learn. This is arguably the biggest reason why intensive driving courses work so well and in many cases better than learning by the hour. When learning to drive you must cover the topics required to make you a safe competent driver and if you are a safe competent driver you have a very good chance of passing your driving test.


With intensive driving courses you will be saving a lot of time over hourly lessons. The old adage of “IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT”is definitely true. A driving instructor will need to give a briefing before and after a driving lesson as they will need to recap the lesson prior. If you are learning on a driving crash course you will not need this recap as you will have only just learnt it and if this is then coupled with another similar subject you will have learnt the basics for 2 things. When you are learning to reverse around a corner you will be given set points to make observations around the car. The same areas will be checked at the same point during a parallel park. When the nose of the car kicks out when turning into a junction or into a parking space, you would check up and down the road.


Whilst my experience tells me that for an average person an intensive driving course would be the best way to learn to drive, it isn’t for everyone. If you have ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia you will find it hard to concentrate for lengthy periods and will get frustrated if you can not keep with the schedule. If you are the type person who does not work best under pressure then you will also find it hard on a short driving course. My advice to you would be to learn in a more broken up manner, possibly 1.5 hours per week, twice a week.


In the UK it takes an average of 40 hours of driving tuition and if you get some private practice even better but do not try and cut corners as you will come unstuck at some point when you don’t know what to do at a certain time on the road. For a professional or someone who wants to get driving during their summer break an intensive course will definitely do what it says on the tin and will save you time.


**WARNING** Make sure the driving school you choose specialise in intensive driving courses as the techniques for teaching are a great deal different as you are under pressure to learn the subject and move on to the next. An instructor must know how to achieve this whilst maintaining your confidence.


What ever your chosen method of learning to drive make sure you have plenty of time with a government approved driving instructor.


Author Bio: This article was written by Tony Mihill the owner of A Pass 4 U Driving School – Specialising in UK nationwideIntensive Driving Courses.




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