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Is the Red Ferrari Going Green?

Updated October 4, 2013

There’s an old adage in the world of high-end car performance: you can either have a high-performance vehicle, or, you can have an eco-friendly car. The two rarely go hand-in-hand. When a world-class performance car producer like Ferrari talks about accomplishing both, it’s worth paying attention.

This is especially true when Ferrari is talking about its trademark V12 engines – a beloved innovation in the world of cars but not necessarily a beloved innovation in the world of environmentalism. However, Ferrari is now talking about merging the technology with a hybrid engine in order to ensure that customers can enjoy the performance of a V12 without the guilt typically associated with its effect on the environment.

So is it really happening? Is the Red Ferrari, one of the most famous sports cars in the world, really going green? Keep reading to find out.

Is It Really Happening?
In a word, yes. Even pointed out that Ferrari’s next “flagship” car will be a hybrid – specifically, the 900HP Hybrid. While this technology was previously limited to Ferrari concept cars, Ferrari has indeed announced that it wants to move forward with the technology for widespread use, even if it hasn’t hit the market quite yet.

Ferrari’s technology is known as Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System – HY-KERS for short – and just a few, short years ago this technology was debuting in arenas such as the Geneva Motor Show. The system had originally been created for Ferrari’s Formula One purposes, which should give Ferrari enthusiasts who love performance something to get excited about.

Why is it called a “system” and not an engine? Actually, it is two engines, two electric motors. One of the motors powers the car’s rear tires while the other fuels the car’s other powered systems, such as power steering. So, to make a long story short, Ferrari has known about the technology for a while and plans on making its hybrid car more accessible.

From Red to Green
Fans of Ferrari know that the bold color choice of red has been a hallmark for nearly all of Ferrari’s offerings – heck, it even named a car “Testarossa,” which is Italian for “redhead.” And what was the color of the vast majority of Ferraris produced in the 1990s? Red.

But now Ferrari is emphasizing a metaphorical color – green – in the production of its latest technology. No, not the actual color green, but “green” in referring to how eco-friendly the new offerings will be. And what’s most important here is that Ferrari is making it cool to keep performance while also including electric elements to the car – the 900HP Hybrid that Ferrari is working on is still expected to have a rapid zero to sixty acceleration time.

Even more important is that the car world just may follow wherever Ferrari goes. Once it’s shown that a high-end hybrid can produce performance at Ferrari levels, there’s no telling what the 21st century has in store for people who love both their cars and the environment.


Chris Turberville-Tully works for HR Owen, a luxury car dealership in England who show-cases both new and used Ferrari, Bentley, BMW and Lamborghini cars.



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