Is this 2500 Horsepower GT-R the Fastest Road Car in the World?

If Not The Fastest Road Car In The World, This Surely Is The Fastest GT-R!

Updated October 1, 2018

AMS Performance has made a lot of waves in the world of high-power road cars by pumping their Alpha Omega GT-R up to 2,000 horsepower through the use of two large turbochargers. Interestingly enough, this car, which acts as a test mule for the company making kits to tune GT-Rs, may not be the fastest one of its kind. A customer of AMS Performance has very enthusiastically challenged the tuner to make his personal car even faster than theirs.

Fastest GT-R

They have completely removed the turbochargers from their factory location, which was a big point with the Alpha Omega (that the turbos were in the factory location on a car pushing out over 2,000 horsepower). It doesn’t take a particularly mechanically inclined person to see where they went, looking at the photo above.

Fastest GT-R 2

The exhausts aren’t exactly subtle either. Those smaller tubes paired up with the giant exhaust tips are actually pipes venting air from the waste gates. This car, when completed, will not only sound raw and unbelievably violent, but it will spit and snarl like like it has been possessed by some Godzilla-like demon.

Fastest GT-R 3

This car has been dubbed the Alpha G, and no real specs have been released. The next big step is to cross the 2,500 horsepower mark, and it is clearly going to be AMS Performance that finally breaks that barrier. But how do they do it? Well, they take a stock GT-R, pull out the engine and turbos, take everything apart, replace the internals with forged internal parts that can withstand big power, completely rebuild the transmission to get everything to the ground, and then load in one of their custom tunes before setting record times.

Fastest GT-R 4

It doesn’t seem like a lot until you consider that AMS has spent years tuning and perfecting their methods, resulting in tunes that can squeeze every bit of power out of an engine. The owner of this car, Gidi Chamdo, crashed his Alpha 20 GT-R last year and is looking to surpass that car in just about every way.

Fastest GT-R 5

It will be interesting to see if this car ends up being road-legal or if the extreme modifications have pushed it too far. Will this be the fastest GT-R that AMS Performance has ever made? We will have to wait until TX2K16 in March to find out.




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