Is this Huayra R Rendering a Prophetic Vision of Pagani’s Future?

Published August 3, 2016

If we had to pick our favorite pixel artist who deals with car renderings, we would have to go with Khyzyl Saleem. Not only does this pixel maestro produce works of art in Photoshop, we also admire him for his deep knowledge about cars.

The British artist has done tons of breath-taking renderings, but we might have a new favorite now. Recently, Khyzyl Saleem created a rendering of a Pagani Huayra R. The changes he envisioned are not far from being a reality. In fact, considering the road Pagani has taken, we can say that we expect something similar to this rendering to become a reality real soon.

Huayra R Rendering a Prophetic Vision of Pagani’s Future

Earlier this year, Pagani Huayra R was launched as a successor of the famed hypercar model, Zonda R. In his rendering, Khyzyl Saleem suggests that Huayra would look more dangerous if it had been given a circuit treatment. The most noticeable changes the pixel artist made were those in the car’s aerodynamic elements, which he made more extreme.

Saleem gave the Huayra a “murdered out” look by painting both its body and the aftermarket wheels in black. In fact, the only colored parts on the whole vehicle are green spokes (one per wheel) in the Volk wheels.

We believe this rendering is prophetic for a number of reasons, the most important being the road that Pagani’s heading recently. If you take a look at their most recent models, like Huayra BC, for example, you’ll see that their designers have been very eccentric lately. This model debuted this spring at the Geneva Motor Show and so far, only about 20 of them were made. All of these Huayras are equipped with a Pacchetto Tempesta performance pack, a retrofittable kit for Huayra Coupes.

Pagani had a busy year so far, designing the Huayra Roadster among others. The open-air roadster was presented at a factory opening, but is yet to hit the market. On top of that, this year Pagani kept on redesigning the Zona, releasing a bunch of one-off models.

Because Huayra is an exclusive car model, it’s not foolish to assume that some customized version of it will be very similar to the one seen in Saleem’s image. Until then, we’re left to enjoy in this rendering.



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