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Italian Cyclist Shoots Rockets At Annoying Motorcyclist!

Shooting Rockets At Annoying Road Users Takes Road Rage To A Whole New Level!

An Italian cyclist has taken his road rage to a new level by firing rockets at a motorcyclist that appears to have given him some trouble. In a scene that looks like it was inspired by Grand Theft Auto, we can only hope that this kind of road rage solution stays on screen and doesn’t inspire any copy cats…

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Armed with a homemade launcher that’s a winning combination of PVC pipe and Scotch tape, the cyclist can be seen loading his weapon with some fierce looking roman candles before lighting them with a small blowtorch style lighter. After letting off some random shots without any type of aiming, the cyclist manages to down the motorcyclist and pillion, and chases one up on to the sidewalk.

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Road Rage And Rockets!

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Now, before we all get too excited and start blaming the cyclist for being clinically insane, or wondering about what the guys on the scooter must’ve done to piss the cyclist off, let’s just state that this isn’t a real video. It’s a publicity stunt from the Italian bicycle company Dafne Fixed from Rimini in Italy. And boy did it work, because the internet has been going crazy for it, with some (dubiously) reputable newspapers even reporting this as a real story.

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Who wants to head down to the store and buy some rockets, a section of pipe and a shit load of tape and go and dish out some road-traffic related vigilante justice? As fun as that probably is, we don’t recommend it. If you’re determined to get yourself a motorcycle with the capability to launch rockets, we heartily recommend this French Army Piaggio instead. But generally, we don’t recommend any type of road rage, and we prefer our rockets shooting skyward, rather than into the backs of our fellow road users. Yeah, we’re pretty weak in the rocket launching department.


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