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Its head to head in the war of the super minis.

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Chinese Car News | CCTMarch 12, 200710:07 am Note: This article was a translation from a Chinese car website. This article was work in progress but the original Chinese article has disappeared of the Autohome website, so we only have this to offer. Apologies!

With Chery, SCEO and ChangAn all releasing new superminis for 2007, the gloves are really off in the battle for the city center, who will win this epic struggle for the hearts, minds, and purses of Chinas urban warriors who demand more automobile for less dollar. China Car Times finds out, in this translated article. Cherys new QQ6 goes against SCEOs Little Aristocrat and ChangAn Ben Ben in a three way bout. Click continue reading to follow this bout further.

The Engines

Recently Chery anounced that the QQ6 would come with a choice of 1.1 or 1.3 engines, (bit bigger than the 0.8 or 1.1 QQ3 engines) The Chang An Ben Ben only comes with a 1.3L engine, no other choices. The Little Aristocrat has the smallest engine of the three (at time of writing) with a 0.8l engine.

Ben Ben Engine:

QQ6 Engine:

Xiao Gui Zu Engine:

It doesnt matter if its 0.8 engine or a 1.1 or a 1.3 all of these cars are to be used as inner city transportation tools, nothing else! If youre looking at the power aspect, of course the 1.1 or better still the 1.3 would be a better choice.

The Pricing:
The QQ6 ranges from the cheapest at 39,800RMB to 50,180RMB, the Ben Ben is also similar at 30,980 40,680RMB the Xiao Gui Zus price hasnt been announced at the time of writing (since we translated this article, the Xiao Gui Zus price was anounced here)

The Exteriors:

The QQ6?s exterior design is very funky, cute and fashionable. The rounded exterior makes its look bubble like.

The Xiao Gui Zu is fashionable, the front looks very cartoonish. The wheels look sporty makes the car look like it has some real power! The twin exhausts at the rear also add to this feeling.

The three cars exteriors are relatively similar round shapes, but all of the cars are supposed to appeal to younger consumers who are interested in good looking cars. The appearence of the car at this price range is still important to consumers!

The Interiors:

Compartively speaking, the QQ6 and Ben Bens interior designs besides having young, fashionable elements, they are also practical in its use and application. Moreover, the Xiao Gui Zus interior is very prominent, bring a new concept to car interiors. The interior can be personalized to your hearts content!

Xiao Gui Zu Interior:

Chery QQ6 Interior:

Ben Ben Interior:

However, the three cars interior all feel very roomy.

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