It’s Time To Finally Buy Your Muscle Car

Published January 15, 2016

I use to watch the Barrett-Jackson and Mecum auto auctions with my pops and all I seemed to hear from him was the fact that he had the chance to own one of those “back in the day”. This continued for what seemed hours until finally I stopped him and asked why he never purchased any of them. Well son he stated, I had other things to tend too. It’s just life. So this got me thinking about it, Gen X’ers and Millennials are in that window of opportunity to grasp some insanely powerful muscle cars and all the excuses are quickly fading.



Gas prices are low (for now) and today’s muscle car can be surprisingly fuel efficient if you keep your foot out of it.

Finance rates are low, and if you have a credit union then some are pleading for you to get a loan on anything. Have bad credit? Well see what options you do have with your bank or bookie. Your new muscle car can probably outrun your kneecap breaking bookie anyways.

Safety of today’s cars are included for the family, so if your other half says that it’s a two-door deathtrap, just remind them that these vehicles have to test with the same NHTSA safety standards as everything else.

Investment – It’s hard to think that today’s Camaro SS or Boss 302 Mustang or SRT Challenger will go up in value but think about our age group when we get older and have expendable income. We will be at the auction block trying to get a piece of that American V8 rumble whilst everyone else has silly little electric eggs their riding in. Keep all the OEM $#!t to add back later, I know you think plasti-dip spray is forever and that chinese ground effects kit will look good always, but you’re wrong.

Emissions – Environmentalist hate excess and the V8 is a big block cold sore to them, as emissions standards are forcing-induction into our smaller engines (see what I did there) means that your normally aspirated V8 is having a harder time every year making the cut. So don’t wait till there is a V8 scare similar to the classic assault weapons ban rumors where dealerships jack up the prices of everything over 300hp. Bite the bullet. (just not a 55gr 5.56 hollow point)

Now this is certainly a simplification of the whole picture but the main point I want to make is that you need to stop making excuses and day dreaming. If you’re stuck at a $#!t job like many of us then at least enjoy the two times of the day when you get to fire up that throaty bastard and find the curvy path less traveled to and from home.



Dodge, Chevy nor Ford asked me to write this to boost sales. Those cheapskates won’t send me nothin. So if any on you punks are reading this, I would like to have the price of my muscle car discounted for all the cars you sell because of this article. Thanks


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