IVI Workshop’s Moto Guzzi “Schwein”

Published August 13, 2015

Wanna see something different? It looks like a bicycle but houses a fat Guzzi V11 Twin engine. It’s called the Schwein Guzzi and it’s a damn cool looking machine. We’ve seen a lot of custom motorcycles over the last few years and this one is one of the coolest. Sadly, these are the best pictures available at the moment but still, you’ll enjoy what you see.


This Guzzi custom comes straight from the IVI Workshop – IVI standing for Imagine! Vehicles International – an innovative custom shop based in the heart of Los Angeles. IVI build both cars and motorcycles and specialize in building fantastic prototypes and one-off builds. According to their website, it’s their “meticulous attention to detail, along with our unconventional technical methods and incorporating the best materials available [that] puts us at the top of today’s vehicles builders.” One quick look at their portfolio and you’ll certainly agree with their boast. 


For this build, it’s not difficult to find IVI’s inspiration platform: the Schwinn bicycle. Schwinn bicycles do come in a variety of shapes and styles but there are a couple of particular models that spring to mind here: the Panther or the Jaguar. The Schwein Guzzi comes complete with an iconic arched frame, vintage curves and proper big and wide handlebars.


IVI’s frame is sublime, and it should be considering that their lead fabricator has had a long and illustrious career working on racing chassis and hot rods. The shape is perfect and is complimented with the Schwein’s seat, a solo unit that branches out from the main frame in quirky, organic and natural way.


The frame is complimented by more than just a seat; the blacked out, powerful and beefy looking upside-down front fork arrangement reinforce the bicycle vibe without overstepping the mark and pushing the build into full on motorcycle territory. In fact, the only things that give the Schwein a motorcycle look are the front disc brake and of course, the gigantic Moto Guzzi engine.

While the engine could dwarf other frames and stick out like a sore thumb, here it works nicely. The huge 1064 cc V11 twin sits nicely at the front of the frame, hopefully forward enough to stop the front wheel from lifting at every twist of the throttle at least! Pushing out 91 hp in stock form, we’re pretty sure that it’s squeezed out a few more horses since it’s transformation, especially now that it comes equipped Mike Rich-Ross pistons, Black Diamond valves complete with titanium springs and retainers, and Megacycle cams too.


If you didn’t already know, “schwein” is the German word for pig, but honestly, there’s not a lot of fat on this bike and certainly won’t lumber around like our tasty farmyard companions, especially when you consider that the engine probably weighs more than the rest of the bike’s other components combined! All in all, it’s a great build and we’re looking forward to seeing more from IVI in future.

Until then, if you like elaborate frames, check out this ‘Sporganic’ Harley Davidson or if you like the retro bicycle look, check out the electric number and get inspired!


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