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Japan Is Bouncing Back And Packing Heat

Japan tells American and European auto manufacturers that the head start is over

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With earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, reactors exploding, power outages, supply shortages, Hello Kitty getting knocked up, economic turmoil and the rise of the Yen we see that Japan’s industry’s are hurting. Everyone from the gods to godless brokers are having their way with the Japanese auto industry; but since Japanese industry is so good at picking up the pieces and starting again they will not let anything other than a mythical creature from the depths of the sea stand in their way of automotive dominance. In April 2011 Japan would see almost the worst month in manufacturing in their history. The chain reaction would cause dealership lots to become baron fields of tumbleweed and sales associates to start eating their young.


Japan’s Auto Production numbers blow up like a…

Though Japanese manufactures were down they certainly weren’t out, but with all this hoopla going on their engineer and design teams would suffer from funding cuts. This in turn would cause delays yet they would persevere and gather their workers, all while Chrysler/Dodge workers were getting hammered on their lunch breaks here in the states. By the end of 2011 auto manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota would be back to their pre-shit-hitting-fan production numbers therefore scaring us all with their uncanny ability to bounce back. For April 2012 we would see that Honda’s production numbers would increase over 500% from the previous year. Toyota would see over a 300% increase and a 68.5% increase in international manufacturing. Sure the global economy is still not surging ahead and European auto sales and economy are as stable as a Parkinson’s patient playing Operation.


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What we will see is Japanese auto manufacturers going full force into production and engineering thus helping to revitalize the brands. We should see Honda’s, Nissans and Toyotas all coming with more advanced powertrains as well as hybrid and EV systems as the companies have regained their funding for engineering and technological advancements. If we can continue to see economic stability and maybe even growth in US and global markets then we should see 2013 be in impressively strong year for auto manufacturers. And as for US auto manufacturers and feel confident that Ford Motor Company will remain strong but I do have my concerns with several GM and Chrysler vehicles. But one thing is for sure and that is that we will see some impressive deals coming along as competition heats back up.



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