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Japan’s Transport Ministry reveals the improper testing conducted by several major Car manufacturers

Updated September 18, 2018

Earlier in the day on August 9th, Japan’s transport ministry announced that Yamaha Motor, Mazda Motor, and Suzuki Motor have been conducting improper fuel economy and emissions tests on their vehicles.

Normally known for its high-quality and efficient production, the image of Japan’s manufacturing industry has recently come under severe scrutiny and this latest announcement just adds to the list of data falsifications in the Asian country.

After conducting a research at Nissan Motor and Subaru, which was ordered by Japan’s transport ministry, these reports of improper fuel economy and emissions test were found out.

Commenting on this announcement, Representatives for Suzuki and Mazda went on to confirm that they had previously submitted reports concerning improper testing to the ministry, however, they did not give any further comment. Additionally, one of the biggest automobile company in Japan, Yamaha Motors also gave confirmation of carrying inappropriate testing.

Commenting on the matter, a Yamaha spokesperson, went on to say “In regards to the emissions test… it is indeed a fact that improper actions were implemented for which we ask for a sincere apology.”

As a result of this Yamaha share fell down by 4 percent as Suzuki’s shares were down to a significant  5.2 percent, its worst session since November 2016, against a 0.5 percent fall in the benchmark Nikkei, also Mazda’s shares went low to 1.8 percent.

Also earlier in the previous month of this year, another automobile manufacturer, Nissan announced that it had fitted inaccurately measured exhaust emissions and fuel economy for as many as 19 vehicle models that were sold in Japan.

Additionally, back in the previous year Toray Industries, Mitsubishi Materials, and Kobe Steel all of which are major suppliers of motor parts to manufacturers all over the word went on to admit to doing product data fabrication.

The recently proposed tariffs on imported vehicles by the president of the U.S, Donald Trump has only gone on to be of added pressure for several automakers who have already hit lackluster sales.



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