Jeep Grand Cherokee Sets NA ¼ Mile Record

Published April 22, 2016

Most of the time when people see a Jeep Grand Cherokee they think: “someone went out and bought a decent grocery getter.” While they have the capability to go offroad, most of them are used for hauling the kids to soccer practice and pavement pushing more than anything. However, we know Jeep has made an amazing SRT8 version and will be putting out the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk soon. This means even Dodge knows there are people out there who want their Grand Cherokees to go fast…REALLY fast.

Enter a man named Jeremy. No, not Clarkson, but a bad ass Jeremy nonetheless. Why is he a bad ass? He set out to make a world record ¼ mile pass for a naturally aspirated Jeep Grand Cherokee. He started with a stock 6.1 liter hemi then stroked it out to a 7.0 liter 426 with a bit of extra compression. Other changes to the engine include new pistons, ported heads, custom cam, and 65 lb injectors.


Of course, the rest of the car needed some work to handle all this extra power. A Southern Hotrod transmission went in to combine with a high torque transfer case and 1000 hp axles. All of this using the stock 3:73 gears, drag radials, and a race gas tune. He also took a page from the hellcat book and removed the passenger headlight for better airflow. I can’t disagree with the results; the rumble from that engine is phenomenal.


These upgrades couldn’t have been cheap, but the results are well worth it with a reported 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. That engine now makes the giant Grand Cherokee hop off the line and blast the quarter mile in just a touch over 10.5 seconds. According to the video’s poster (BigKleib34) this is a new ¼ mile world record for a NA AWD Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well done, Jeremy! You built a phenomenal Grand Cherokee! As the video notes say, we can’t want to see what happens when you add nitrous!

Video posted to Youtube by BigKleib34. Pictures are screenshots from original video which can be found here.


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