renegade concept

Jeep Renegade Concept

Say Hello To The Beastly Jeep Renegade Concept

Updated October 21, 2018

Not much has fundamentally changed about the Jeep Renegade. A Jeep is unmistakably a Jeep no matter what the year or model. And when you think about it there’s very little reason to change anything about the Renegade. It’s design for rough four wheel drive adventures and plowing through the sand on the beach. The demographic of Jeep owners is specific. You’ve got your true blue adventure outdoor types and your posers who like the idea of being outdoorsy adventurers. Either way the aesthetic image of the Jeep Renegade is remarkably consistent and has been for 70 years now with nothing more than a few casual design tweaks. But as recent as 2008 Jeep has been flirting with the idea of tweaking the Wrangler into the 21st Century.

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Stylistically Jeep has managed to keep its familiar appearances, with its simply round headlights and seven vertical slit grille. It’s just a tad more sleek with a speedster style windshield. The doors both have a slanted opening in the center as an accommodation for the open doors off concept so many Jeep lovers are appealed to. As cool as the idea is impracticality of the design may see the door design not making to production.

Jeep Renegade Concept 2

With an all aluminum construction and a weight of 3150 pounds this would be a light Renegade. Its wheelbase is less than 102 inches but it’s width measures nearly six feet, making it a sturdy car in any terrain. There are waterproof fitments and a rear cargo space designed to hold all kinds recreational equipment

As the trends go these days the new Jeep Renegade would be both a diesel and a hybrid. It is a Jeep so of course it would have four wheel drive with low range. But with an electric engine for each axle there would be plenty of torque available at all times. Back in 2008 Jeep claimed that on battery power alone the Wrangler could achieve a range of 40 miles. For longer drives, like across an open desert or over a mountain pass a small-displacement BlueTec diesel both charges the batteries and extends the Renegade’s range beyond 400 miles. Jeep has went on record to say that the Renegade would get up to 110 mpg under normal driving conditions, whatever normal driving conditions are in a Jeep. Jeep drivers are hardly ever interested in top speeds but they couldn’t help but be impressed to know that this version of the Renegade is capable of an 8.5-second 0-to-60-mph time and has clocked in with a top speed of 90 mph. And that was four years ago, so it’s anyone’s guess how much that has changed for the better.

Jeep Renegade Concept 3

The Jeep Renegade will be every bit as powerful and exciting a vehicle as it has always been and now the driver can feel better about the eco conscious ability of the car. And despite all these cosmetic alterations the Jeep Renegade Concept of the future stays faithful to its roots and offers the prime vehicle for any outdoor enthusiast or any poser who wishes they were.



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