2015 Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade Offers Best of Both Worlds

Updated September 21, 2015

Years ago when you asked someone what comes to mind when you think of an SUV, they will be quick to say something like, Jeep Grand Cherokee,  Ford Explorer, etc. When people think of SUVs, they think of large vehicles that provide ample room for passengers, as well as cargo. They will also think of the potential off-road capabilities, four-wheel-drive, and a “gas-guzzler”.

Jeep Renegade

The all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade looks to change that perceived notion that you can’t really have a SUV with the best in class off-road capabilities and have the fuel-efficiency. Now SUV lovers can have the best of both worlds. They can enjoy all the perks of driving a SUV—while maintain great value at the pumps.

The Renegade, along with the new Cherokee design is just a few examples of the direction that Jeep may be heading in the coming years. Jeep might be the “Most American” auto brand besides Ford, but the thing is gas prices will rise, and it just doesn’t seem logical for Jeep to maintain that gas-guzzler off-roading mentality. The fact is you can’t take the off-road out of the Jeep, but you can take the gas craving engines out of the Jeep. The Jeep Renegade comes with two fuel-efficient engine options, a very unique styling, quite off the norm from Jeep normal styling, and some of the most advanced options in technology, as well as safety.


Quite frankly the best feature in this entire vehicle, isn’t its off-road prowess, or its fuel-efficiency, it is the My Sky open-air roof system. This is a system that has transcended time, and was carried on through generations, dating back to the 1941 Willys of old.

On a side note: this could be the first real test for the Chrysler-FIAT Group to see if the compact SUV is viable option in the United States. If yes, it could be the first step in possibly introducing the FIAT Panda finally? Because let’s face it, FIAT just isn’t appealing to the North American market.

2015 Jeep Renegade

Source: Deery Brothers of Ames



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