Jeep Saying Goodbye To The JK With Six Special Editions in 2017

Published December 6, 2016

Typically, the end of a line for a production model means that there will be a big cash incentive sale. For Jeep, it seems like they send off their end of the line models with special editions. In the case of the outgoing JK, we have six of these very limited runs coming up for sale. 4-jpg

Note: All pictures are of standard models, not the special ones because Jeep has not released them all yet. The one exception to this is entry number one, the Jeep Wrangler Sport Freedom Edition.

Wrangler Sport Freedom


The Freedom Star hood calls out the Sport Freedom just as well as with decals on the rear fenders do. There’s also an American flag emblazoned on the front driver side fender as well. The rear differential is covered with a heavy duty plate and the tail lights get their own guards. The black fuel filter cap matches the shade of the 18″ Sahara wheels and other black accents. It comes in a granite crystal finish that seems just glossy enough to be begging to get muddy. Be ready to pay $34,590 for the four door version or $30,690 for the two door version. 6

Wrangler Sahara Winter

The Wrangler Sahara Winter is the second of the six special editions that we have more than basic details on. Off road rock slider rails come standard while the color of the hard top is a choice to be made. Fog lights and headlights have moved over to LED platforms for this limited model. Models with the automatic transmission will also feature remote start to make life a little easier for the owner. This one also comes with a variety of unique badging and decals. The Unlimited model will start at $41,240 while the regular version goes up from $37,440. 3-jpg

Four More Waiting On Details

While we have quite a bit of information out for two of the six special editions, this leaves four to be released. These include the Rubicon Recon and Sport Big Bear as well as the Sahara Smoky Mountain and Sahara Chief. Each of these come with a very specific window of availability, making them very limited runs of special editions. 7

The first pair both begin their availability in February of 2017 but have staggered end dates. The Recon runs all the way to September while the Big Bear cuts off in July. Meanwhile, the other two start in March but both end in July for much shorter runs. The Smoky Mountain can’t be ordered after July and the Chief’s availability will end earlier in June. 1-jpg

JL Takes Over For JK in 2017

As the JK comes to the end of the line in 2017, the JL is prepared to take up its torch and run with it. The JK’s history of spawning different models won’t end with the JL taking the reins. The pickup truck version is well into development and there’s turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines in the pipeline. This also comes with some parts changing from steel to aluminum to save body weight. 2-jpg

As we say goodbye to the JK, we hope it has a well remembered retirement. As it drives off into the sunset, it looks like we’re in good hands as more variety is coming down the line. After these six very special editions run out, we’ll still have lots of Jeep to look forward to in the future.

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